4. Your Body Will Never Be the Same

Every woman that has had a child says how their body will never be the same again. Peeing a little when you laugh or sneeze, bloating in places you have never seen water retention before, the stretch marks all over your body and of course, the immediate deflation of your breasts which is probably one of the reasons you were in this situation to begin with.

As someone who lives in the era of #CleanEating, hot yoga classes and kale shakes and as a lazy gym-goer myself, losing the progress made due to a pregnancy can be devastating to the point of breaking your spirit. I know that I personally get upset when I eat healthy for a week and gain a pound let alone gaining 60 giving birth to a six-pound baby. Loving your body and working hard for it is a common notion that all women are leaning toward these days. If not wanting kids is based on wanting to keep the hard work you have put into your body intact, you do you, girl!

Your Options Are Limited
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