This is Why I Am in Love with My Vava Baby Monitor ...


This is Why I Am in Love with My Vava Baby Monitor ...
This is Why I Am in Love with My Vava Baby Monitor ...

Okay, mommies (and mommies to be), let’s chat! I mean really chat. There are tons of products on the market, there are opinions from everyone that say “You NEED this” or “You can’t live without this for your baby” and this is especially difficult for first-time moms who are struggling to navigate the parenting world. Now, I’m no expert by any means because I only have two kids myself, but there are many things I found useless for baby number 1 that I didn’t even consider for baby number 2, but there are also things that I found absolutely essential for baby number 2 that I wish I had for baby number 1. This is where Vava baby monitor comes in - so read on while I dig deep for you and show you why you do absolutely need this lightweight, portable, easy-to-use product.

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Hamper, Snack, Present, Teddy bear, Meal, This full-screen baby monitor provides you with video for 10 hours on a single battery charge and 24 hours of audio. Its high-quality video stream allows you to see exactly what’s going on with your little one and hear everything too. You can zoom in to look closer without having to go in and disturb the baby if you’re working on self-soothing, it has two way talking so you can be switching your laundry and still talk to your baby to calm them. PLUS it has the adjustable volume so you never have to fear to sleep through the baby making noises from coughing to crying. It’s automatic night vision mode lets you see your baby breathe, move, and more throughout the night without having to get out of bed and risk waking them by sneaking into their room and making noise.


Temperature Control

Hamper, Snack, Present, Teddy bear, Meal, Okay, this has to be one of the coolest features of this baby monitor: Room temp monitoring! Yes, you read it right, mamas. It has an external thermostat as well as an on-screen view of the room temperature to make sure that your little one is comfortable during nap time, bedtime, and all throughout the day. This feature is a total lifesaver when you’re maybe feeling chilly on the couch relaxing at night but wondering if the baby is okay. And again, you can use the video monitoring to make sure that the baby is covered or still has his/her little socks on to keep them warm throughout the night.



Product, Text, Gadget, Technology, Electronic device, Do you know those basic monitors that barely reach from the upstairs to the downstairs? Or the ones that don’t really allow you to even step outside for a breath of fresh air out of fear you’re going to miss hearing something because the range doesn’t extend that far… You don’t have to worry about that with this monitor because its range is 480-900 feet. The company does want you to note however that the higher range is for open spaces, so don’t automatically count on it extending that far. It’s probably something you’ll have to try out beforehand to know just how far you can go; but I promise, it’s probably a lot further than you think and further than the cheaper monitors on the market will get you.


Added Features

Smile, Fun, Friendship, Selfie, Photography, Some additional must-have features that this product has that you won’t find anywhere else (at least not for such a reasonable price) is the ability to connect up to 4 cameras; which means when baby starts getting on the move or getting a little older, you can monitor them in multiple rooms in your home without having to fear that you’re going to miss them sneaking from one room to the other because we all know how fast newly crawling babies and mobile toddlers can be! It’s crazy how you blink and they’re literally gone.

Another cool added feature is the auto-pilot. A click or two of the button and you’re panning the room, zooming in 2x or 4x, or easily talking to your little one. This easy-talk feature is awesome for the middle of the night when all your baby needs is a slight shushing to get back to sleep. You can easily soothe them from the comfort of your bed, because all of us moms know how hard it is to fall back asleep when you’re up with the baby.

*Not really a feature but definitely something you need to know because it is a major selling point: this product has a 30-month warranty! How cool is that? Read at the bottom of the post how to get it!



Product, Technology, Electronic device, Baby Products, Gadget, Need more reviews? Just head over to their website or to Amazon to find out what other moms are saying about this fantastic baby monitor that is an absolute necessity for baby number 1, 2, 3, or 17! (Hey no judgement, it’s your life, your family, and your decision on how big or small it is).

So there you have it, mamas! You are absolutely going to want to make the small investment in this wonderful baby monitor. You will not be disappointed with your purchase because it will be useful for many years to come after they’ve gone from the bassinet to the crib and even to a big kid bed. Heck, go ahead and use it to spy on your teens if that’s the type of parent you are! You know what’s best for your little one and this Vava baby monitor will give you the added peace of mind.

*The typical warranty is 18 months. But if you go to and register your product, you will get an extra 12-months warranty free. Therefore, you are getting total warranty of 30 months. Cool!

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