TaoTronics Baby Humidifier - a Real Review from a Real Mom ...


TaoTronics Baby Humidifier - a Real Review from a Real Mom ...
TaoTronics Baby Humidifier - a Real Review from a Real Mom ...

If you are a new parent or a parent of young children, most likely you already are very much aware of how important the quality of air is for the sleep of your precious little one.

Humidified, clean cool air can make all the difference in the world for the sleep of your baby, which means, any item that helps them sleep through the night becomes priceless in your sleep-deprived household.

Ever since we had our first newborn boy, 8 years ago, and continuously, with every next new baby in the house (four of them altogether now), special care was taken in how clean and humid the air was during the naps and especially during the night’s sleep.

My husband and I went through such a multitude of humidifiers over the years living in New York, I could probably put together a Humidifier Saga in a couple of volumes. Fortunately for us, new brands keep coming up with much better versions and I could not be more excited to present to you TaoTronics Baby Humidifier that will be a lifesaver for your nursery or for your little one’s room!

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Better Sleep, Better Skin

Product, Loudspeaker, Home appliance, Technology, Computer speaker, We touched upon this subject lightly, but there is nothing light about this. Most of us, new parents, practically get no uninterrupted sleep during the first three months of our precious little one’s life. Which means, by the 3d week, when the euphoria wears out and sleep deprivation settles in, you are ready to trade anything in for more sleep at night. This is were the air quality comes in.

Not only it’s so much better for the little ones to have longer restful periods during the night, it’s so much better for their skin (bye-bye heat and diaper rash) and little lungs, too.

When the room is cool and humid and they are dressed or swaddled appropriately, they no longer have the need to compensate for the liquid that evaporates from their body due to the dry air and they do not have the need to wake up to breastfeed to reestablish the balance. Hence, the mommy (and the daddy, let’s face it), gets a couple more extra hours of so much needed sleep at a time.

If you co-sleep with your little one, your skin will too benefit from the humidity of the air, especially during winter months, when heaters are going all night to keep the bedrooms warm.


Good Design, Good Style, Good Function

Now that you know how important a good baby humidifier is, the question remains - how to choose one and how to know it’s just the right one for you?

After purchasing 7 baby humidifiers in the past and finally settling on TaoTronics, I can assure you, you will not find a better version in the price range on the market right now.

For us, BPA-free materials and function were primary - it had to be well made, do its job well for at least 12 hours and produce as little noise as possible. And that’s exactly what we got with this cute whale shaped humidifier.

Our older children just adored the way it looked, the colors, the shape, the wiggly tale, while I personally loved the night light function that allowed me to check on the new baby and breastfeed at night without creating a commotion.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Child, Dog, Canidae, Puppy, Product, This is another topic that needs separate attention, when it comes to humidifiers, they do tend to be high maintenance. The upkeep can be somewhat of a drag, but we were excited when we found out that there is practically no work involved in keeping your TaoTronics baby humidifier clean and running.

The opening for the water container is so large, it’s absolutely no problem to keep it clean. No tools necessary! We just loved that. And did I mention, you get around 30 hours of humidified air in one full tank? It’s more than enough for us, being used to cleaning and replacing the water daily.

When your little one is slightly older, there is nothing more soothing for them that the smell of essential oils that your child likes the most.

Lavender is always a fine choice for bed time, it also serves as an additional sensory trigger, once your little one starts associating this soothing, calm smell with rest, it’s easier for him or her to settle down, the body relaxes almost instantaneously from this sensory cue. You’ll see what your little one prefers; for winter mornings, orange essence can work wonderfully to put them in a cheery mood and help them feel energized and ready to get dressed for school.

This humidifier makes it so easy to use the essential oils, you will not be able to keep away! Just make sure you invest extra in good quality oils, they last you so long, and the quality makes such a difference (children are so sensitive and perceptive to quality), it’ll be well worth it!

Here you are, all ready for your humidifier adventure. For us - it’s been an amazing thing to have, along with Aiden+Anais swaddles and Ralph Lauren baby suits, it’s our new born staple now.

And here’s a great tip for those of you buying this item any time between December 2 and December 17 - you can use the code: BBWHFMOM to get 10% extra off and have your TaoTronics baby humidifier for just $35.99 on amazon.com!

Please, do not hesitate to share your experience with humidifiers at @allwomenstalk’s Instagram or on TaoTronics Amazon product page, it's always amazing to hear from you!

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