7 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Your Kids ...


With so many ways to make Christmas magical, your kids will never forget their childhood anticipation of the big day. So try to relax and enjoy the whole season because it’s so special to your little ones. Check out these easy ways to make Christmas magical and you’ll be in the spirit before you know it.

1. Plan Activities

One of my favorite ways to make Christmas magical is to set up my Advent calendar. Instead of putting candy in it, however, I write down fun holiday activities on slips of paper and stick one in each of the calendar’s spaces. Each day my kids get to pull out the slip and see what fun activity is planned. I usually include crafts like hand print reindeer and building a gingerbread house as well as outings like going for hot chocolate and driving around to look at Christmas lights. Your kids will love finding out the surprise that each day holds.

Read Christmas Books
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