7 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Your Kids ...


7 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Your Kids ...
7 Ways to Make Christmas Magical for Your Kids ...

With so many ways to make Christmas magical, your kids will never forget their childhood anticipation of the big day. So try to relax and enjoy the whole season because it’s so special to your little ones. Check out these easy ways to make Christmas magical and you’ll be in the spirit before you know it.

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Plan Activities

One of my favorite ways to make Christmas magical is to set up my Advent calendar. Instead of putting candy in it, however, I write down fun holiday activities on slips of paper and stick one in each of the calendar’s spaces. Each day my kids get to pull out the slip and see what fun activity is planned. I usually include crafts like hand print reindeer and building a gingerbread house as well as outings like going for hot chocolate and driving around to look at Christmas lights. Your kids will love finding out the surprise that each day holds.


Read Christmas Books

If you don’t have a stash of Christmas books, get to your local library right away. Kids love to hear bedtime stories, so reading them holiday themed books is a fun and free way to get everyone in the spirit. There are so many Christmas stories available, both religious and not, so you can read something new every night. Snuggle under the Christmas tree while you read to make it an even more memorable event.


Let Them Help You Decorate

Your kids might not hold the same reverence for your collection of nativity scenes as you do, but going through all the decorations brings back memories of past Christmases. Of course, you don’t want your little ones touching all your breakable items, but go ahead and let them put non-breakable ornaments on the tree and help you decide where all the other stuff should go. This is such a great way to get into the spirit and it makes the holiday so magical for kids.


Eat Holiday Food

You don’t have to wait until the big day to eat all the usual Christmas foods. Bake some cookies early and munch on them during the weeks leading up to the holiday. This way your kids can relive a little part of Christmas Day for the entire season. Serve Chex mix, nuts and chips and dip several times during the season and it’ll make the magic last that much longer.


Look at Christmas Lights

Even if you don’t decorate the outside of your own home with lights, it’s super magical for kids to see other houses all decked out in their holiday finery. Grab some hot chocolate to go, drive around your neighborhood and look at the decorations you see. This seasonal outing is sure to make everyone anticipate Christmas morning even more.


Watch Movies

Much like reading books, Christmas movies are a fun family activity that is sure to make memories and create a magical aura around the holiday. Pop in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer or A Charlie Brown Christmas and get ready to feel the spirit. Eat some of those Christmas cookies while you watch.


Go to Church

Once of the most magical parts of my childhood Christmases was our yearly trip to church on Christmas Eve. The music and low lights as well as all the excited kids and adults in their Sunday best lend themselves to a magical feeling that surrounds the holiday. If you’re religious, check out the times at your church. Many offer early services so you can still get the kids to bed before Santa pays a visit.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Does it still make you feel the magic of the holiday?

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