7 Tips on How to Help Build Your Child's Self Esteem ...


In these days of overwhelming social media ideals and kids growing up at the speed of light, knowing how to help build your child's self esteem can be a challenge. Even though it seems ‘kids these days’ are so different from when we were growing up, there are some parts of childhood that are still the same as ever. Following are some tips on how to help build your child's self esteem that will stay with them for life.

1. There is No Such Things as Little Stuff

Whether it’s going to the fourteenth school concert of the school year to support your fourth-grader, celebrating the way your kiddo cut his waffle exactly on the grid lines, or applauding how she rhymed all of your pets’ names into one song, support that growing brain and learn how to help build your child's self esteem! Little discoveries today will turn into bigger accomplishments later on in life. When they realize that kudos for a job well done feel better than waking up to a snow day, they will want to continue to do better and better!

Even when They Don’t Make a Big Deal, You Should
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