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“Your child should join scouts.” I’m sure many parents have probably heard that over the years, and they have probably not really understood why. As a former Girl Scout, I can attest to the brilliance behind scouting. It really will change your child’s life. The following should confirm why your child should join scouts.

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The Principles

Your child should join scouts because the Girl Scout and Boy Scout organizations alike instill principles that are fundamental to raising an amazing child. They teach children, pre-teens and teens to be accountable, to help others, and to try and change the world for the better.


Great Influences

Growing up, I had a lot of adults that I could look up to. My parents were hardworking and very kind to others. My family of aunts and uncles helped mold me too. However, sometimes children tend to rebel a bit. When they do, who do you want your children to turn to? I turned to my troop leader for guidance at times when I felt like my parents did not fully understand an issue. She in turn helped me in a positive way.


Instant Friends

I was in Girl Scouts from second grade until I graduated high school. I made some of my best friends through Girl Scouts. In fact, I rarely ever call them friends. I usually refer to them as my sisters just because we are that close. Your child will have the opportunity to grow with kids that want to become amazing adults.



This part benefits the teens that are looking towards a bright future in college and beyond. There are many opportunities for them to get their careers off to the right path just by meeting and talking to experts in their field! Many companies and organizations look to Scouts for interns and future employees simply because they know that Scouts have something very special about themselves. Do you want your child to be a step closer to making their dreams come true?


Parental Support

Scouting provides that extra check on the things that you try to instill in your children. It helped that my troop leader reaffirmed the things that my parents were trying to teach me. For example, they would tell me that it is important to care about others. Then through scouting, I would have the opportunity to volunteer at nursing homes and benefit runs to do just that.


Babysitting (Sort of)

There were so many activities that I got to do through scouting - like camping, cooking workshops, and a few Rockets games just to name a few. Putting your child in Scouts will allow them to have the time of their life while you get to rest and recuperate.


Experiences for a Lifetime

Where can you go to get a cruise to the Bahamas for selling cookies? What about a trip to New York to see Broadway shows and experience Times Square? As a part of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, your child will have the opportunity to experience so many different and wonderful events. All you have to do is sign up and get involved. Many parents, like my own, want to give their children the world, but they simply do not have the time or the money to afford such experiences. Scouting can ensure that your child gets to see the world and change it as well.

It takes a village to raise a child. Let scouting be a part of your village. Your child’s life will forever be changed for the better. What are your thoughts on scouting?

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Boy scouts are currently considering segregating cabins during campings.

Even if they allow gays and have removed their anti gay ways, there are still people who support it within the organization who aren't going to change the way they think.

@chelsea- boy scouts does not force boys to deny anything! yes, this was an issue us the past

My children will never be apart of an organization that forces kids to deny their homosexuality.

I was in girlscouts as a kid and HATED it. Idk I was too metal for girlscouts

@erica yes, it does! Boys have been denied ranks because of being gay, this forcing them to deny their sexuality if they want to continue on with it.

@riley- what do you mean?

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