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There are so many ways to increase creativity in your kids that parents often forget about. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s just as important to encourage creativity as it is to encourage the “typical” learning that you do in school, especially as your child gets older. If you’ve been neglecting ways to increase creativity in your kids lately, this list may have a few tips that you can use to get your children back on track!

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Encourage Them to Read

It sounds like one of the most basic ways to increase creativity in your kids but it’s really not. Especially in this time of technology, it is more important than ever to get books in your children’s hands. The children of today spend so much time with modern technology, such as iPhones and iPads, that it’s incredibly beneficial if they’re also reading regularly.



This is another incredibly simple tip, but it’s just as important as anything else. Sleeping is such an easy way to increase creativity in your children. Sleeping means dreaming, and dreaming increases creativity in your child’s brain, meaning that they can even gain a little creativity while they’re doing something as simple as sleeping!


Turn off the TV

Just like iPhones and iPads, it’s important to turn off the TV and get your children to do something else somewhat frequently. With technology the way it is today, it’s easy for your children to simply turn on the TV and zone out all day. By simply turning off the TV and encouraging them to do something else, you’re encouraging creativity without them even realizing it!


Get Crafty

It’s easy to forget about crafting and crafts when it’s so much easier to just turn on an iPad and let them draw in an app. However, with Pinterest and so many other resources today to give you some crafty ideas, it’s easier than ever to get crafty with your children!


Stop Caring about Achievements

Although this probably isn’t a problem in most homes, there are always parents who want their child to be the best at everything they do. When you stop caring about achievements, especially when your child is younger, you’re encouraging your child to be more creative and not strive for perfection.


Embrace Mistakes

On that note, it’s just as important to embrace mistakes. Mistakes are key in increasing creativity. You never know what will come out of it, and you’re encouraging your children not to strive for perfection.


Embrace the Arts

There are so many different ways to embrace the arts, and you probably have a few of them in your own town! There’s usually at least one children’s interactive museum in your area, which is a great way to encourage creativity in your child. If you think your children would like it, there are also probably a few museums for adults you could take them too, as well as live shows for children and other fun activities.


Take the Focus off of Typical “knowledge”

The older children get, the more the focus is taken off of creative ways of learning and placed on more typical knowledge, such as science or math, that are more likely to be a stable future career path. It’s important to still encourage creativity in your children as they grow older, even if it might not be the most conventional career path. Personally, I went to a high school that put a high precedence on academia and it never occurred to me to look into career paths that were more creative than academic. Had my high school encouraged creativity more, I might’ve considered a more creative career path earlier in life.



It sounds simple, but getting your child into music at a young age will immensely increase creativity as they grow older. Whether it’s just in listening to music at a young age or starting vocal or instrument lessons at a young age, they will undoubtedly benefit from it in the future.

How do you increase creativity in your children? Let me know in the comments!

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