Fun Experiments for Parents and Kids to do Together ...

By Gulsum

Fun Experiments for Parents and Kids to do Together ...

There are lots of fun experiments for kids. When we were a kid it was very simple and easier. Playing with toys, going to the park or simply watching the same cartoon 100 times with the same excitement. But now things are much more complicated than before. It's difficult to excite kids. Doing the same things makes them bored. We have so many products around to make exciting experiments for our kids. These scientific experiments will improve their interest in chemistry, physics and mathematics. You can explain to your kid natural processes very easily. Here are fun experiments for kids and adults:


Ask them questions about how they think about chemistry? Is it interesting? How do they think chemical reactions happen?

There is also safety tip for this experiment. This experiment requires adult supervision. Make sure to wear dishwashing gloves and safety glasses.


What is the air pressure? How does it have an impact on us? Ask your children what they think about this?

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A great introduction to the science of electricity. It provides hours of fun.


If your children like to play with water this is a great experiment for them.

There's nothing better than science experiments you can do without leaving you're home. These cool and magic experiments are a fun way to bring the family together. Why expensive toys, luxury hotels??? The most important things in our life are free.

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