19 Awesome Mother and Daughter Projects to Start Today ...


19 Awesome Mother and Daughter  Projects to Start Today ...
19 Awesome Mother and Daughter  Projects to Start Today ...

If you have thought about starting any mother and daughter projects, Mother's Day is the ideal opportunity to get started! The days pass quicker than you know and you should never pass up precious opportunities to spend time with your mom. So, get to it! Not only will you create mementos, you will also learn a new skill along the way. Below is a list of 19 mother and daughter projects to start today.

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Create a Signature Tea

My daughter and I love tea! Sometimes we stop in the local teashop to just inhale the aroma. If you love tea, too, then you can make teatime extra special by creating a signature blend! Stop by a teashop in your town and peruse the selections. If your town doesn’t have a teashop then check out the Internet for the tools you need. This tops my list of mother and daughter projects because it is a simple, lovely, and tasty thing to do together.
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Create a Blog

Creating a blog is a very fun project to do together! My daughter fell in love with the idea of cooking and blogging. Starting a blog together will help you to learn about the writing and editing process. It will also give you a wonderfully creative outlet for exploring a topic together! Take turns writing, editing, and designing your online space to your liking. Then show it off!
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Write a Story

Have you ever played the campfire story-telling game? No? Well, it goes like this: as a group you make up a story by contributing one sentence at a time until you reach an end. It’s pretty fun and suspenseful. Writing a story together is much like that. It’s fun to see where the story takes you. Read the story to each other and enjoy the creation process.
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Start a Co-Journal

We create memories everyday. Sometimes, they pass us by without much notice. A co-journal is another great way to document the memories of your day, together. Collect stories of your collective adventures and daily experiences. Or record stories of lone experiences to share with each other.
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Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks fascinate me. The overall idea is great and the creation process looks really fun. A scrapbook is a great way to tell a story through photographs and journal entries. Decide on a theme. Gather photographs and small items related to your theme, like a medal or a bit of lace, to use as part of your decoration. If you need more then take a trip to the craft store!
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Organize a Photo Collage

Sometimes when you want to tell a story, photographs do the job well enough. Pull out all your photos and choose a theme. Grab some Modge Podge and a display board and get to work. Together you will create some great stories about where you’ve been. Maybe even include some photos that show your hope and ideas for the future.
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Sew a Quilt

I love to (try to) cook, but I can sew like nobody’s business! Whether you are much experienced or a newbie, grab a sewing machine and get down to it. It might help to have a few learning tools on hand if you are new to sewing. Take a trip to the fabric store together! Grab a sachet of quilting squares in your favorite color family, and a beginner's guide to sewing. Another option is to use materials on hand, materials that have meaning like old t-shirts.
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Prepare for an Awareness Walk

One of the best things I can do for my daughter is help increase her awareness of women’s issues. A great way to do this, beyond doctor visits, is to prepare for an awareness walk together. Choose an issue and learn about it in detail, then sign up for a walk or run. Participating in an awareness event to raise money, increase education, and find a cure forms a connection and feels like progress.
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Mothers and daughters can also work together to increase awareness of women’s issues. One great way to do this is to join an awareness walk or run. Choose a cause and do research together to learn more about it. Participating in an awareness event can be a powerful experience for both mother and daughter and can help to raise money, educate, and find a cure for the issue. Additionally, attending an awareness event can help to create a stronger bond between mother and daughter.


Start a Makeup Collection

Who doesn’t like makeup? The vast variety makeup options provide a great way to play with color and texture. My daughter recently discovered neon eye shadow. Starting a collection together is fun. It’s also a great time to talk about proper use and application techniques, and the importance of clean skin. Enjoy your moments together sharing knowledge or learning together.
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Paint a Picture

Painting is a great way to express your creativity through a visual medium. Painting with my love shows her that it’s fun. It also teaches her the importance of a creative outlet. If you two are interested in painting, know that it is simple and easy; your creations will always be unique. Grab some paint supplies and get to it!
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Make Matching Jewelry

I like matching best friend jewelry. It is a fun and creative way to express unity. However, eventually, nearly everyone in your area has the same bits of jewelry. So why not design your own?! Grab some jewelry making supplies from the crafts store and get to work. Design matching jewelry pieces or different pieces using matching materials.
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Learn a Sport

I don’t know if my desire for action is due to my Aries nature or general character. Either way, it makes for an interesting evening if you take the reins. My daughter has great bursts of energy as well, and a wonderful desire to learn new things. This was a great combination when we decided to learn to play volleyball this summer. Learning a sport together is a wonderfully active mother and daughter project!
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Build Something

Remember that makeup collection we discussed earlier? Well, you will need someplace to store it! It is pretty easy to complete small and practical construction projects. Objects like a makeup storage box or simple dressing table take little time and skill to complete. Pick up some supplies and a beginner's guide, and get to it! Be sure to wear protective gear and take your time.
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Start a Vegetable Garden

One day, while looking at indoor plants to replace the dead ones at home, the Princess suggested we start a vegetable garden. Genius, a vegetable garden is a great project for us. We love fresh vegetables and the satisfaction of a successful harvest. Starting a vegetable garden is easier than you think. All you need to get started are a small outdoor space and a few gardening essentials and you are set.
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Make a Book

A book project is different from a scrapbook but is equally fun. With a few items from the craft store, you can turn your co-written story into a book! You can also purchase a book making kit to create your piece at home! These self-publishing kits are packed with design software and access to an online submission portal for printing and binding. You can also design, submit, and print your work directly from an online source.
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Make a Holiday Wreath

There are many holidays throughout the year but only a few get the wreath treatment. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, all the big names that regularly have a wreath that expresses the feel of that holiday. One year, Princess and I made a Halloween wreath! It was a fun creative project! We attached lots of tiny details of color and symbols that spelled Halloween for us. Try it, you might like it!
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Redesign Old Furniture

We have a wonderful hand-me-down dresser. It is sturdy and the size is perfect. The Princess and I loved this piece for her bedroom because many of the details matched her décor. However, the color and handles were dated and in need of repair. So, we changed them! Perhaps there is a piece of furniture you both love but it needs a little work. Work together to update the piece with a different look.
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Start a Book Club for Two

My daughter and I love to read! We read from different genres and love to talk about what we read. One day we made it official when we created the mother and daughter book club: party of two. We choose one book to read in common and share our thoughts and opinions. It’s a great way to learn together and expose each other to a new selection we would not choose on our own.
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Big Jar of Everything

In my home we have a lovely glass jar filled with strips of peach colored paper. On each strip of paper is written an idea for additional mother daughter projects. Creating a Big Jar of Everything will allow you a fun option for choosing your next activity. A Big Jar of Everything also gives you an opportunity to be spontaneous and creative when you are out of spontaneous ideas.
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Mother and daughter projects are meant to be fun, bonding activities. While many are fun, there are also a number of somber activities that are equally as important, such as creating a memorial stone or participating in a remembrance walk. No matter what project you choose, enjoy your experience together. Do you have any mother and daughter projects to add? Please, share!

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