7 Fun Christmas Activities to do with Kids ...


7 Fun Christmas Activities to do with Kids ...
7 Fun Christmas Activities to do with Kids ...

If you are looking for Christmas activities to do with kids, you need to read this. I've got a list of some activities that your children will look forward to each year. They can easily become holiday traditions for your family. Your children may even want to do them with their own children one day! Here are some fun Christmas activities to do with kids, perfect for around the holidays.

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Christmas Movie Night

One of my favorite Christmas activities to do with kids is to watch Christmas movies. Children of all ages can enjoy this activity. If they are toddlers, they may enjoy watching movies like Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman. If you have older children, they may prefer Elf or Home Alone. To complete your movie night, make some popcorn and hot chocolate.


Christmas Lights

Going for a drive to look at Christmas lights is both a fun and inexpensive activity. If you live in the city, check out local light displays. Many light displays will be turned on around Thanksgiving. This will give you the chance to look at the lights more than once. If you live in the country, you could drive around your neighborhood to check out light displays.


Christmas Cookies

Kids like making cookies almost as much as they like eating them. If you decide to make cookies with your kids at Christmas time, there are many different types to choose from. You could make some cute snowmen, reindeer with red noses, or gingerbread men. If you are short on time, bake some plain sugar cookies and let your kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. They will be so proud of their cookie creations.


Decorate the Tree

Do you normally decorate your own Christmas tree? If so, consider letting the kids help. Decorating our Christmas tree together has become one of our holiday traditions. We like to listen to Christmas music and eat treats while we decorate. Your kids will love finding just the right place on the tree to hang their favorite ornaments.


Christmas Crafts

There are a number of Christmas crafts that you can make with kids. One craft you can do together is building a gingerbread house. We made one last year and my kids loved it. Christmas ornaments are an easy craft that you can make to put on your tree or give as gifts. Consider making homemade Christmas cards to send to the troops.


Give to Others

There are many ways to show your children the importance of giving to others around the holidays. You could anonymously buy gifts for someone in need. Perhaps you could drop off some non-perishable foods at a local food bank. If you know a less fortunate family, consider making them a nice meal or dropping off some baked goods. You can also donate everyone's gently used clothing items to a charity.


Visit Santa

Most kids love to visit Santa. This gives them a chance to visit with him and give him their Christmas wish list. Be sure to get some pictures of the event. While some places charge for pictures with Santa, there are some that don't. Pictures with Santa make great gifts or additions to Christmas cards.

Children will remember the activities that you do with them for their many years to come. What are some activities you like doing with your kids at Christmas? I would love to hear some of your family traditions.

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