7 Common Baby Products That Contain Harmful Ingredients ...


7 Common Baby Products That Contain Harmful Ingredients ...
7 Common Baby Products That Contain Harmful Ingredients ...

Did you know that there are numerous, common baby products that contain harmful ingredients? Babies require what seems like an endless amount of products to keep them happy and healthy and of course a mama wants what's best for her little one! Common products and well-known brands are given as gifts and used/purchased by the majority of parents without real knowledge of their contents. Keep reading for an informative list of baby products that contain harmful ingredients and what to look out for!

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One of the most used baby products that contain harmful ingredients for baby's skin are diapers. Besides being bad for the environment, the ingredients in question for most disposable diapers are perfumes, dyes, chlorine, and dioxins. Perfumes and dyes have the potential to cause skin irritation (diaper rash) and dioxins are a carcinogenic to humans which is a byproduct of chorine-bleached diapers. It should be noted that the levels of dioxins are insignificant to be considered harmful, so a skin rash, varying in severity, is really the only possible concern. For an alternative, Earth's Best diapers are very absorbent as well as chlorine and dye free.



A baby's skin is soft and sensitive, especially the bottom region. Conventional baby wipes contain alcohol, perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals. Alcohol dries the skin and burns when a rash is present; synthetic perfumes can cause contact dermatitis and other chemicals/preservatives are even carcinogenic. If possible, opt for wipes that don't have alcohol/perfumes and harsh chemicals.


Shampoo & Body Wash

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on bottle of baby shampoo? Parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde are known carcinogens and now many adult shampoo brands are formulated without these chemicals, yet they are still found in most baby shampoo and wash! Since babies are more sensitive to toxins, read labels and avoid anything with these ingredients.



Top name brands like Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno Baby may smell heavenly, but their ingredients are far from protecting baby's sensitive skin, all the while exposing baby to numerous toxins. Just as with shampoos and soaps, read labels for carcinogenic ingredients, including mineral oil. While the toxic exposure is small, over time it adds up, especially considering all the toxins we face daily!


Baby Oil

Baby oil is primarily mineral oil with preservatives and perfume. Mineral oil acts as barrier that sits on top of your skin like plastic wrap, preventing moisture in or out. Your baby's delicate skin doesn't need this kind of barrier, which prevents skin from breathing, secreting natural oils and acting like skin should. Even us women should avoid beauty products with mineral oil because it ages skin prematurely!


Baby Powder

Baby powder is an age-old product used to absorb moisture and prevent rashes. However, baby powder is primarily talc, which is quite harmful if inhaled for both mom and baby. It can cause upper respiratory issues, such as asthma. If you must use powder, use one without talc, such as Bert's Bees Dusting powder which smells light and lovely.


New Baby Clothes

It's quite tempting to dress a baby in a new, crisp outfit right after it's been purchased, however you should always wash clothing before they are worn. Many babies and children can break out in a rash from the chemicals used to keep new clothing wrinkle-free in stores. I've seen it happen so always wash clothing in a mild detergent first!

Some of these products are definitely good to avoid, while others' aren't so critical unless your baby's skin is ultra sensitive. What other baby products, that may contain harmful ingredients, can you add to this list?

Sources: babycenter.com

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Anything is harmful, but really? I have a 10 month old and I use all these products and we are fine, I understand everything said in this article but yeah know, toilet paper is harmful, adult shampoo is harmful, hand soap is harmful, FOOD is harmful, the list goes on, my advice is to read up one the products and make your decision is you want to use them or not, and if you see any concern contact doctor or company for further instructions.

I won't use cloth because I'm on the go too much. I stopped using baby powder and baby oil a while ago. I use whatever lotion I'm using on my babies. I wash the clothes before my kids wear them.

I hate articles like this my mom used these things on me I used them on my daughter were fine

Are you kidding me? I have a toddler and used all of these products but baby powder. My mom used these products on myself and my sister. Both of my grandmothers used all of these products and we all survived!! New mom's don't need to read this crap bc they're already stressed out enough and do not need more ridiculous untrue stories about toxins in diapers. New mom's don't believe this crap article! The only true thing is not to use baby powder bc it is harmful. That's it! This article doesn't do anything but cause more stress that us mom's don't need!!

so pretty much everything you use on your child is harmful, i use all of these on my daughter and she never had a diaper rash or anything like that!!!

Instead of telling us they're harmful. Contact the company. Or better yet use thst energy to come up with a system to recycle, reuse or make them better

I always use alcohol free wipes also sebamed is grt products for babies unlike jnj

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