29 Wonderful Newborn Photo Poses You Won't Want to Pass up ...

By Eliza

29 Wonderful Newborn Photo Poses You Won't Want to Pass up ...

There is nothing like the few days after bringing your newborn home from the hospital. I've done it three times and the number of newborn photo poses is virtually endless. Whether you pose your little one at home on your own or take him in to a professional, you will treasure the photos you get in the first few days of your baby's life. One day, you'll share them with your child and he will love them just as much as you do. Here are some classic and adorable newborn photo poses.

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In Mom's Hands

In Mom's Hands Via 20+ Newborn Photo Ideas - ...
You'll have to get some help getting this newborn photo pose just right, but you will love the results.


With Mom and Dad

With Mom and Dad Via november cmpro of the month ...
Find someone to take this photo of your little family and you will never regret it.


With Big Brother

With Big Brother Via Babynamen - bijzondere namen en ...
Don't forget to snap some photos of your newborn with their older brothers and sisters.


Tiny Feet

Tiny Feet Via newborn photography ideas
Take some close ups of your baby's tiny feet, hands and ears. Cute, right?


With a Hat

With a Hat Via Newborn Photography Tips - Photography ...
I can not even begin to tell you how many photos I have of my boys in tiny little hats. So cute!

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Use Some Props

Use Some Props Via Shop BEST Seller, Baby headband, ...
Use some great props to make your newborn photos something really special.


Heart Hands

Heart Hands Via Mark Philippoussis and wife Silvana ...
Make hearts with your hands around your baby's feet. Adorable!


In a Basket

In a Basket Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Nestle your baby in a basket with a blanket for a sweet sleeping pose you'll love forever.


Adorable Outfit

Adorable Outfit Via 20+ Newborn Photo Ideas - ...
There are so many newborn photo poses when the baby is naked, but you can certainly dress your baby if you prefer.


Mommy and Baby

Mommy and Baby Via baby ezra
There is nothing sweeter than this pose. I have numerous pictures of myself with my newborn just like this.


Simple Black and White Sleeping Poses

Simple Black and White Sleeping Poses Via Longmont Newborn Photographer – Avery
Don't underestimate the simplicity of a sleeping pose like this one.


Capturing the essence of tranquility, these monochromatic images highlight the peaceful slumber of a newborn. The contrast between the softness of the baby's skin and the crisp white bedding creates a timeless elegance that's perfect for memories you'll treasure forever. It's the unspoken bond between the calmness of sleep and the new life that makes these photos so captivating. With minimal props, the focus is solely on the baby's natural form and the subtleties of their sleep—curled up fingers, relaxed facial expressions, and the occasional smile that hints at dreams.


Newborn Crown

Newborn Crown Via Newborn crown, newborn tiara, Baby ...
I have all boys, but if I did have a girl, I would have posed this photo as soon as possible.


Matched Accessories

Matched Accessories Via Newborn Diaper Cover- Cream
Here's another fun way to get a photo without taking all of your baby's clothes off. Love it!


Themed Photos

Themed Photos Via what is your must have ...
A theme like baseball (or anything else) makes for fun newborn photos.


Spell out the Name

Spell out the Name Via baby headband, newborn headband, pink ...
Use blocks to spell out your little one's name. Cute!


Dad and Daughter

Dad and Daughter Via Rising Sun Photography
Don't forget to get lots of photos of your little one with Daddy.


Under a Blanket

Under a Blanket Via Rebekah Westover Photography: It really ...
A cozy baby makes for a great photo so pull out some blankets for your session.


Sibling Pose

Sibling Pose Via Newborn Photos To Inspired Your ...
Here's another perfect way to get your older kids in on the photo session.


Wide Awake

Wide Awake Via pxleyes.com
Granted your baby sleeps a lot at first, but make sure you snap lots of photos when he's awake too.



Love Via Carissa Miss: Newborn Photo Shoot: ...
This is so cute with the feet forming the "V" and mom and dad's wedding rings on his tiny toes.


Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Via kokokoKIDS: Children & Family Photo ...
This adorable newborn photo doubles as a birth announcement.


Shadow Pose

Shadow Pose Via The Vanilla Bean Blog | ...
An adorable shadow pose with your baby is something you'll love forever.


Add Some Color

Add Some Color Via Purple, turquoise, lime and white ...
Your newborn can't move away, so pose her on a fancy chair and don't be afraid to add some color to your photo too.


Family Pose

Family Pose Via little altars
Get the whole family in the picture. Hire someone to take the photos so dad can be in the shot too.


Newborn Photo at Christmas

Newborn Photo at Christmas Via Baby Betsy | Pittsburgh Newborn ...
I have a Christmas baby and this is the perfect way to commemorate that time in your life.


Candid Shots

Candid Shots Via Ayla’s Sophisticated Botanical Nursery | ...
These are slightly posed, but hiring someone to get more candid shots is a wonderful way to remember the first few days and weeks with your baby.


Add Stuffed Animals

Add Stuffed Animals Via Crochet Baby Hat, Crochet Sock ...
A stuffed animal or two is a great addition to any newborn photo.


Newborn Twins

Newborn Twins Via 30 Beautiful Photos of Newborn ...
I'm a twin, but that was before the trend of this style of photo. I bet my mom wishes she had one like this though!


Delivered by the Stork

Delivered by the Stork Via SHOOT BABY!™ AUSTRALIA | photography ...
This doesn't look entirely safe to me, but if the photographer can get it done without harm, it would be fun to have.

What's your most treasured newborn photo? I love the candids that remind me what the time was really like. I'll always treasure the posed ones to though. Do you have any other photo pose ideas to add?

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As a photographer I want to say a few of these shots should only be accomplished by a professional! The images where the baby is hanging from a branch or when their chins are resting in their hands are not safe and are created by using multiple shots pieced together in post processing. Some cute pictures are not worth the risk!

So endearing!!!

Some poses are very uncomfortable. I do not understand how children can sleep well for a photo.

Tooo cuteeee:)

So cute ...love these!!

Wow cute