Daily Things Moms Should do for Themselves ...


Daily Things Moms Should do for Themselves ...
Daily Things Moms Should do for Themselves ...

Being a mom is one of the most joyful, rewarding things you could ever be in this life. But that’s not to say it’s not challenging and exhausting at times. The best way to overcome parenting challenges and revive yourself both body and soul is to do these things daily. You’ll be a better mom when you look out for your own needs as well as those of your children.

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Connect with Your Friends

Connect with Your Friends You still need your friends once you become a mom. In fact, you probably need them now more than ever. You need friends who’re also moms as well as those who aren’t. Mom friends can help you when you’re stumped by a parenting situation and non-mom friends can help you remember that you’re not only a mom. While you can’t go out with the girls every day, you can connect daily. Phone calls, texts, emails, snapchats and more can keep you connected between nights out on the town.


Enjoy a Long Shower without Kids Interrupting It

Enjoy a Long Shower without Kids Interrupting It Listen, I have been in the trenches of motherhood where a long, hot shower is a rarity. That’s not a good place to be. You deserve to shower in peace. Do what you need to do in order to accomplish this. Let Dad have baby duty, shower after they’re down for the night or before they’re up. An uninterrupted shower does a lot to restore harmony to your soul!



Exercise Exercise is good for you both physically and mentally. It makes you happier and healthier, which makes you a better mom. Exercise helps you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This’s benefits your children by setting a good example for them. Exercise also helps you combat stress, something every mom deals with.


Watch Something You Enjoy

Watch Something You Enjoy I know that the days of a mom go on forever and you’re never caught up. There’s always more to do. But going non-stop won’t accomplish it, fellow moms. I know because I’ve tried that. Therefore, do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of rest. Sit down and watch a show you enjoy in the evening; you deserve this little break!


Read Something That Has Nothing to do with Parenting

Read Something That Has Nothing to do with Parenting Parenting books are fabulous and I’ve learned so much from them. But you don’t always have to read a parenting book or magazine. It’s perfectly okay to read something just for pleasure; in fact, it’s healthy for you! Lose yourself in a good novel or catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. This always revives me when I’m feeling down or depleted of energy.


Treat Yourself to Something That Makes You Feel Joyful

Treat Yourself to Something That Makes You Feel Joyful Moms, you deserve treats in your life, too. Do special things for yourself just because. Whether it’s going shopping, eating ice cream from the carton, giving yourself a mani/pedi or soaking for an hour in bubbles up to your neck, do it. Whatever makes you feel joyful is what you should do. Being kind to yourself isn’t selfish, it’s smart.


Refuse Mom Guilt and Mom Doubt

Refuse Mom Guilt and Mom Doubt Both are real and both are harmful to you. Of course there’re going to be times you make a mistake as a mother and you should absolutely learn from them. But the little day to day incidents that bring on mom guilt and mom doubt are what you should work on. Reaffirm yourself for the great mother you are rather than being critical of yourself. Believing in yourself as a mother will give you confidence, something many moms are short on.

These’re 7 things moms should do every day. Which ones do you need to work on? Share your comments here!

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