9 Things Dads Can do to Give Mom a Break ...


9 Things Dads Can do to Give Mom a Break ...
9 Things Dads Can do to Give Mom a Break ...

Here are a few things dads can do to give mom a break! Being a mom is a wonderful job, but there are days when it’s nice to have few moments of peace and quiet. This list is great to show to your spouse or boyfriend if you know he would love to help out but doesn’t really know where to start. Please keep reading to learn things dads can do to be a big help to mom!

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Pick up after Themselves

One of the things dads can do to make it easier on moms is to pick up after themselves. Keeping a house in order is no small feat, and if you have one or more munchkins underfoot, your job may seem like it’s never over! Dads can help moms by putting away their own clothes, dishes, and other items on a daily basis.


Offer to Help with Chores and Errands

Sometimes the day just isn’t long enough to fit everything in. Which is why a helping hand with chores or errands can be a godsend! If dad has a day off, he can go with mom while she runs the errands to keep the kids occupied or to help push the grocery cart. You’d be surprised at how much of a help this can be!


Watch the Kids While Mom Relaxes

After an especially taxing day, moms need to unwind too. Maybe a catnap or a bubble bath would help de-stress and relax her! If dad can entertain the little ones for an hour or two, mom can sneak off to relax uninterrupted!


Offer to Babysit for the Day

Moms work hard and give unselfishly of their time, so getting a day all to herself would be a rare treat. Dads can offer to take the kids for a day so mom can go shopping, get her nails done, or lie in bed and sleep all day if she wants! Having that precious time all to herself will help her re-coop and de-stress in a big way.


Bring Home Dinner

One of the nicest things a dad can do is come home with dinner. Restaurant take-out, pizza, or groceries to whip up something himself, it won’t matter to a worn-out mom! Some days are busier than others, and especially if mom forgets to defrost the meat, dinner can be more stressful than it should have been.


Take Her Car to Be Serviced

Why not take your partner’s car and have it serviced? For moms on the go, remembering to gas up may be a miracle, let alone getting the oil changed or getting the car washed. This tip would make for a nice surprise!


Arrange a Date Night

Here is something really sweet that dads can do to give moms a break. Arrange a date night, all by yourself. Set up babysitting, make dinner reservations, and plan everything out. It will give mom and dad BOTH a break from the kiddos, and give you some much-needed time together!


Be a Referee

For those occasions when siblings won’t stop disagreeing, or don’t want to heed mom’s warnings, it can help if dad steps in. For a mother who has been playing referee all day, it can be nice to have someone reinforce the rules! Dads are great for this kind of stuff.


Give Her a Pat on the Back

What moms need most from dads is just a loving shoulder to lean on. Someone to let them know they are doing a good job even if they feel like they had a bad day. Sometimes a hug, a bouquet of flowers, or a gentle squeeze can go a long way!

Dads don’t always have an easy job, and I certainly don’t want to detract from that. But for mothers, whether they are stay-at-home moms or working moms, things can get overwhelming. This list has some great ideas of ways that dads can step in and give mom a moment to catch her breath and save some sanity! What is your favorite tip from my list?

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I REALLY dislike when people refer to the dads as 'baby sitters'. They are his children to. He is NOT baby sitting he is PARENTING.

My dad raised us, while my mom worked 60 hours a week as a manger at a paper store. My mom was never home when I was growing up. I know dads can do all these things and more! My dad cooked, cleaned, did laundry, took us everywhere, and worked full time job at a hospital. My dad was basically super dad. I do not understand fathers that say they cannot help around the house because they are tired after work. If my dad could work full time and raise 2 kids I do not understand why any father could not at least a few things on this list.

So true!!


I hate when they refer to a father looking after hia own children as "babysitting" This mindset is a huge part of the problem, if we made this children 50/50 then all aspects of their care and parenting should be shared equally also! I have changed this mindset with my children's father, and I believe all mothers should make an effort to do so too!

All of these all true. Amen for that

Stay @ home mom's are working moms. Random person:(especially other women - c'mon girls!) "Do you work?" Me: "Yep, I'm a full time SAHM." Rp: "But do you work?" Me: "I just told you I was a full time SAHM." (24/7 & not for pay) Babysitting is something you pay someone to do. When the father (partner) does it, it's parenting. I did enjoy some of the other points in this article - but am curious if you (the author) has children - if so, how many?

Some of these things would be nice to do just because, even if you haven't got children.

I'm so glad other people find the use of "babysitting" and dad to be just nuts. It's parenting. I know the blog writer didn't intend it that way, but it is one of those things that is frustrating for most women to hear. Like he should be commended or thanked for doing his job.

My dad does none of these things.

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