8 Fabulous Ideas for Helping out a New Mom ...


8 Fabulous Ideas for Helping out a New Mom ...
8 Fabulous Ideas for Helping out a New Mom ...

Helping a new mom is always appreciated. Giving birth is an exhausting business, and the last thing a new mom wants is to be doing housework and other chores. Naturally, she'd much rather focus on her new arrival. There are lots of ways to make things easier for her. Here are some great ideas for helping a new mom.

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One of the best ways of helping a new mom is by making her meals. Both she and the new dad are often too exhausted to think about cooking! So why not bring round some tasty fresh food, or prepare some meals that can go in the freezer? It'll really help out in those early days.



The exhaustion caused by caring for a newborn cannot be exaggerated. Moms can try to rest when the baby naps, but that might not be enough. Offer to keep an eye on the baby so that Mom can take a long nap without being disturbed by a demanding infant. It'll feel like the best gift she ever received!



Most new parents won't feel much like going out on the town in the early weeks. But sometimes there's an important event that they want to attend, or something that they need to do. They'll want a reliable babysitter, so if you're confident with newborns, an offer to babysit will be happily accepted.


Home Spa

Giving birth is a wonderful experience, but you're hardly left feeling like a supermodel. Most new moms feel that they barely have time to brush their hair. So they might enjoy a pampering experience at home, such as a facial. And because they're at home, it won't matter if the baby interrupts!



You may be dying to see the new baby, but don't rush round. Check if it's convenient to call round, and give the new mom some space. She may not feel up to visitors. Or perhaps the new family prefers to spend time alone. Be sensitive to her wishes - peace can be precious in those early days.


Take the Toddler out

Having a second baby can often be a bigger shock than the first, because you've got to care for your older child as well. Plus the older child can feel left out. So taking him or her out for a special treat can make everyone happy. Mom gets some (relative) peace with the baby, and big brother or sister has fun.



Cleaning tends to fly out of the window when you have a new baby. Either there isn't time, or you don't have any energy. So asking if the new mom wants some chores dealt with will go down very well. It will also help her feel that the house is under control, rather than messy and dirty.



Finally, offer to run any other errands that may need taking care of. Leaving the house with a new baby can seem an irrationally major expedition. Picking up shopping, getting their car filled with gas, or posting packages won't take you long but can really help out.

Whether you're royal or not, a new baby is always an exciting time. But few moms can rely on the help that the Duchess of Cambridge can expect. Any help can really make a difference to the average mom, and it usually doesn't require too much effort. What did you most appreciate when you had just given birth, and have you ever tried to help but got it wrong?

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The best was dinners brought to us after both kids were born 2.5 years apart!

This is great! My best friend is due in September and since her family isn't around much I'd be glad to take these tips and use then!

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