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7 Good and Bad Things about Having a Baby Boy ...

By Fawn

I've had a baby boy for a little over a year now, so I think I'm a pretty good judge of the good and bad things about having a baby boy. Although every day with my little one is a blessing and a half, there are some days when my little boy drives me up the wall. So, without further ado, this is my list of the 7 good and bad things about having a baby boy.

1 Good: Getting Him Ready is a Breeze

All I have to do to get my son ready for an outing is get him dressed and run a comb through his hair. I don't have to do tights and dresses and headbands and all that other crazy stuff. That's one of the good AND bad things about having a baby boy. I don't have to get him all dressed up but I sure wish I could sometimes.

2 Bad: Peeing in My Face during Diaper Changes

That's right, my son that is a year old still pees when I change his diaper. In fact, he's learned that my usual reaction is a little entertaining so he tries very hard to pee in my face whenever he can. Although that seems entertaining after the fact and my boyfriend and I always laugh about it later, at the time it is just disgusting. And, I wish that I had a never ending supply on pee pee teepees.

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3 Good: Raising a Little Gentleman

I know one of the best things about having a baby is knowing that you can help your child become a hardworking, respectful member of the latest generation, but with a boy you get to raise a little gentleman that opens doors for ladies and calls after the first date. I spend a lot of time thinking about how my little man is going to turn out and I get very excited knowing that I'm going to be the one that gets to teach him these things.

4 Bad: He Climbs EVERYTHING

There is a large age difference between my two little sisters and I, so I still remember what they were like as little girls and never, in all my days, have I seen a baby that likes to climb as much as my son. The other day, I was moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and when I came back out into the living room, my son was standing on the coffee table looking rather triumphant. If I let him, he would climb everything in the house (who am I kidding, he tries to climb everything in the house anyway).

5 Good: Cuddles and Kisses

I know that the best thing about any baby is when they come over to give you kisses but something about having my little man stop playing in the sand just to stand up and come give me a hug and a kiss makes my insides melt. I can honestly say that kisses from your little boy are better than just about anything else in the world!

6 Bad: No Cute Skirts and Tutus

I know that one of the best things about having a baby boy is that it's easy to get him dressed and out of the house without a lot of fuss and pomp. Still, sometimes when I walk through the baby section, I get very sad that I don't get to dress someone up in a little poofy dress and big flower headband.

7 Good: Boo Boos Aren't as Big of a Production

I remember when my little sister was just a baby and she would fall down. It always became this big production that ended with her on someone's lap with her lips all pouty and sniffling for 30 minutes. When Garrett falls down he gets back up. The other day he skinned his knee at the park, stood up, looked at me and then kept playing as though nothing had happened.

Well ladies, these are the best and worst things that I think come with having a baby boy. What do you love about having a little boy? Let me know down below!

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