7 Ways to Make Motherhood Easier in the Early Years ...


7 Ways to Make Motherhood Easier in the Early Years ...
7 Ways to Make Motherhood Easier in the Early Years ...

If there are ways to make motherhood easier, I am sure that all mothers want to know them. Motherhood is the hardest job that a person could ever have, no matter the stages and ages your children are in. I can look back over the time my children were young and see that there were ways to make motherhood easier for myself if I would have known but I honestly didn’t. It is my hope you can learn from my experience so the early years, or years 0-5, will be much easier for you.

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Establish a Schedule

One of the best ways to make motherhood easier for yourself is to establish a schedule. This is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received as a young mom. And while I didn’t take this advice to heart with my first child, I certainly did with my second one. I had to learn to set the routine for my child instead of letting them set it for me. This makes the life of a mother much easier.


Teach Your Children to Have Independence

While I deeply and dearly loved my babies, I did not sit and hold them for hours on end. I loved our snuggle times but I made sure to give my children plenty of time on their own. I didn’t sit and hold them endlessly. After a feeding and the care they needed, I laid them down to be on their own until they cried for me. This allowed me to get a lot of things accomplished, even while they were awake.


Have an Early Bedtime

An early bedtime is beneficial for both mom and baby. A child in their early years needs a lot of sleep and after a long day of care, mommy needs some time off. Putting your little one down allows you to have time to catch up on chores, spend time with your husband or just relax. One of the best things you can do for your little one is take care of yourself, too. When you are well rested and your needs are met, motherhood is a lot easier.


Have a Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine is of vital importance. You cannot expect to announce it is bedtime and have your children run to their bed. Take some time to help them unwind by sharing a bedtime story or song before tucking them in. Bedtime should also be fairly consistent in the time your children go to bed. This will help them to have a regular sleep pattern as well as know the routine of your day.


Train Your Children

This is one of the things I did do right as a mom. If you train your children to help you by picking up after themselves, it will make motherhood much easier. I do not know a mom that enjoys picking up after everyone in their house. When a child is as young as two, you can start this by having them help you pick up their toys and praising them when they do. This sounds like a little thing but it is a little thing that will make a big difference later.


Schedule off Time for Yourself Regularly

I was not good at this one and I really wish I had been. It would have made things so much easier on me. You need to have time away from your children on a regular basis. I do not mean that they need to be with a sitter and grandma as much as they are with you, but it is good to have a routine where you regularly get a break. Maybe you hire a sitter to take care of your children while you grocery shop each week or for date night; whatever you choose, it is very important.



Many times, we moms stress over things that we really don’t need to stress over. We worry if our babies are doing things at the right times or if we are doing a good job enough. If you love your child and you are doing your best for them, you are doing good enough. Relax and enjoy those precious early years. Have fun with your little ones. The dishes and laundry and dust bunnies will still be there when they grow up.

Experience is the best teacher and I hope that my experiences can offer you something to help make those early years of motherhood easier for you. Which of these are you good at? Which piece of advice seems the most helpful?

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My son is 17 month honestly I really me help because this little boy can drive me crazy he don't listen

I still trying to train him

I had a child who had colic for 7 months, I thought it would never end! sometimes if i got really frustrated i would put the baby in the crib, walk into a room alone and scream at the top of my lungs until I calmed down.. lack of rest on top of a nonstop crying baby is tough! but i always felt better when i let go of the tension building...Then I was renewed and ready for round two! finally my sweet baby settled down after 7 months!

Omg!! I was just telling my mum tht I can't cope!! And in pulling my hair out.. Changing nappies doing bottles baby this baby tht.. Sleep times waking up all hours..! And along came this article..! Thank you!!! I dnt have any me time and I dnt take advantage of all the help I have.. Becos tht means I'm a bad mum..?? Rite.. Anyway my baby is 11months old and I feel so exhausted., thank for this..

I think the only difference between 'motherhood' and 'fatherhood' is of pregnancy & breastfeeding . Everything else falls into place when the responsibilities of parenting are shared between parents.

Thanks wish I had known this sooner :)

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