9 Pros and Cons of Being a Young Mother ...


9 Pros and Cons of Being a Young Mother ...
9 Pros and Cons of Being a Young Mother ...

There are many pros and cons of being a young mother. The definition of what constitutes a “young mother” has changed somewhat as the average age of mothers has hit 30, and being a young mother in your early twenties can naturally be quite different to being a young mother at sixteen. Many of the blessings and problems are the same though, so here are 9 pros and cons of being a young mother.

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You’ve Got More Energy

You can’t discuss the pros and cons of being a young mother without considering the fact that younger people naturally have higher energy levels. Mothers in their teens and early twenties will probably find it easier to physically cope with sleepless nights and running around after a lively toddler.


Your Body Will Repair Itself More Easily

As we get older, our skin becomes less supple and everything takes longer to heal. Young skin is able to cope with the stretching better and may be less prone to stretch marks, while any scars will heal better.


The ability of young skin to repair itself more easily is not only beneficial for young mothers, but for their children as well. Not only will young skin heal better, but it is also less prone to scarring, which is especially important for young children who are prone to cuts and scrapes. Additionally, young skin is more elastic, which means that it can stretch more easily without causing stretch marks, which is beneficial for pregnant women.


Losing Your Figure Earlier

Although your body will probably be less damaged due to your young skin’s ability to cope better with the stretching, your body will probably never be the same again. This is easier to accept in your thirties when many others your age are yo-yo dieting and dealing with pregnancy stretch marks themselves, but tougher when your friends are all still looking gorgeous in skin-tight mini dresses and tiny bikinis.


All Your Friends Are Partying

Staying in changing nappies and cleaning up sick can be hard when all your friends are out having a good time. If you’re thinking about trying for a baby and considering the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a young mother, this is definitely one thing to consider.


You’ll Still Be Young when Your Kids Have Grown up

While you might miss out on going out while you’re young, younger mothers will naturally be younger when their children grow up and are ready to move out. While your friends are starting to deal with difficult teenagers, you’ll be regaining your independence.


This newfound freedom can also mean you have more energy to pursue career goals, return to education or simply enjoy your hobbies and interests that were put on hold. While still youthful, you maintain the vigor to redefine your identity outside of motherhood. Embracing this stage can also strengthen your bond with your grown children, as you're closer in age and perhaps, in mindset—ready to explore new experiences alongside them, or even on your own adventurous pursuits.


People Judge You

People are more likely to judge teenage mothers but I’ve faced negative comments about being pregnant at 22, because having a university degree and great career experience so far, I am expected to do “more.” It’s best to just ignore people’s negative comments but some people may find criticism and disapproving looks difficult to deal with.


Society often has set expectations on when and how women should have children, with judgments cutting across various demographics, including age. As a young mother, criticism can range from undermining your capability to raise a child to questioning your decision-making. It's important to stay confident in your choices and seek support where needed, knowing that parenting is a highly personal journey. Remember that people's perceptions are their own and your priority is to provide love and stability for your child. The resilience you build from these experiences can also translate into strength in other areas of your life.


You’ll Identify Better with Your Teenagers

The smaller the age gap between you and your children, the more likely you are to identify with them easily. This could be particularly useful when you’re dealing with a difficult teenager.


Having a smaller age gap can translate into a deeper empathy for the challenges and trends that your teenagers face in their daily lives. As a young mother, you're more likely to remember your own adolescent years vividly, which can help in relating to your teens' experiences, whether it's navigating social dynamics, coping with academic pressures, or dealing with the complexities of online interactions. This understanding can foster open communication and trust, making it easier to guide and support your teenagers through these formative years.


The Lack of Money

There’s no escaping the fact that you will probably have less money in your youth than if you wait for a few years to have a baby. This should have little impact on your child, provided all their essential needs are seen to, but may make life more difficult for you as a parent.


Financial constraints can often lead to elevated stress levels and a need for careful budgeting. Nonetheless, young parents are usually more adaptable and can find creative solutions to manage with less. It's important to prioritize spending and seek out community resources or family support that may lighten the fiscal load. Remember, while money is vital, the warmth and love you provide for your child cannot be bought, and these are the true riches that contribute to a nurturing environment for your little one.


Education and Career May Be Put on Hold

If you’re considering the pros and cons of being a young mother, you need to think about the impact it could have on your education and career. Many young women drop out of school and university when they find out they are pregnant, and it can be harder to study after having children due to childcare costs. Other people of the same age will also have more work experience.

Did you become a mother at a relatively young age? What pros and cons of being a young mother did you encounter? Do you wish you waited or are you happy with how things have turned out?

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People are having kids and I'm not even in a relationship ;-;

Oops! I cut myself off! I really think that each persons readiness for parenting is different, depending on many things.

And as far as identifying with my daughter when she's a teen , I'm not looking to be Chris Kardashian those kids disrespect for her is disgusting!!!! I've been a teen I'll be my daughters mom who's understanding and have open communication with her I'm not going to get tattoos with her sorry!!!

Latisha, that is amazing. I love your story. You beat the odds!

True about the energy! I had my first at 27 and it was no issue staying up all night with a sick child. I had the next 3 at 36, 38 and 40. It got progressively harder to go without sleep and juggle kids, BUT I did manage to get my figure back every time and I felt like I made better decisions inregards to parenting

I was 20 when I had my daughter I am 26 and have three kids, I do my degree from home and when my son starts school I will be a qualified teacher, yes it's different from the law degree I was studying for but three children at any age would have prohibited any law career, I will be 45 when my youngest is 20, will own my home outright and have my career. We live in the most affluent area in our city because we work hard I work evenings my husband works 9-5, while having a child with autism. I am proud of what we have built and even prouder it's before 30. We have proven to our children that age is not what matters it's maturity and determination.

No matter at what age " losing your figure" is always worth it because you get a wonderful child in return. Plus not everybody will keep their baby weight.

I had my son at 16. Everyone told me my life was over and I should get rid of the child either by abortion or give him up. I was told at a young age I wouldn't be able to have children so me and his father didn't worry about anything. I found out I was a month and a half pregnant when I went to hospital for severe pain. I was in middle of a miscarriage. Was sent home and told to let my body do what it was supposed to do. Fought all thru the pregnancy and put it in gods hands. Have gone thru a lot over all these years to raise the greatest gift ever given to me. I know he was given to me to straightin me up and make me fly right. I was headed down a not so good road until him. The only thing I regret is marrying his father. My son is the best thing to happen to me and I am glad I had him as young as I did. Yes it posed challenges but he has given me the strength and drive to get thru anything everytime I look at his face. A lot of people are very surprised when they find out how young I was and that I did raise him and didn't give him up. I just look at them and say he is my life and he saved my life. He is 17 now and my best friend, and the best son a mother could ask for!

I became a first time mom at age 37 got married at 36 I was selfish in youth shopping , going to concerts , staying out late was all I was about . I lost my baby weight my daughter is 7 my husband is 8 and half years younger than me . It's all about you the individual I'm glad I waited for a good man to come along, for me to grow up and put my selfish ways behind me .

I had my oldest son when I was 15 years old and by the time I was 22, I was married with four sons. My oldest is 35 years old, a Physician assistant, married when two children. Two of my sons are married and one is engaged in very proud of them all. I’m only 50 years old and ready to enjoy my last half of my life doing things that I’ve alway wanted to do and I love it.

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