7 Reasons Not to Wait Too Long before Having Another Baby ...

By Alicia

Having another baby and when to do so are big decisions. While there is no amount of time proven to be the best spacing in between children, there are some points in favor of not waiting too long. Babies are a treasure no matter when you have them, but let’s talk about the reasons you might choose to not to wait too long before having another baby.

1 Your Kids Will Be Closer

One reason for not waiting too long before having another baby is that your kids will usually be closer to one another. This isn’t always true but it often is. Your children will be able to relate to one another better as far as things they may be interested in. Additionally, they will share more activities. They might be on the same ball team or in the same group for another activity.

2 Less Time out of the Workforce

Another reason to not wait too long before having another baby is that it is less time out of the workforce if you want to be a stay at home mom. If your plan is to stay home until your children go to school, it is less time when your babies are close in age. This is not an issue for families where the mom is going to continue to work. However, sometimes having young children is hard on your career, so therefore moms may choose to have their children close together so this won’t be an issue as long. It is another factor to consider.

3 It’s a Quicker Storm

Some parents want to get the years of diapers and midnight feedings over with quicker. They want to do the baby years as close together as possible and then move on. Of course those are beautiful, sweet years that pass by too quickly for the taste of most moms. But there is some value in having all of the baby years close together. Things get easier sooner, at least in one sense.

4 It is Financially Smart

Not waiting too long to have another baby is a good financial decision. If you don’t have many years in between children, you will likely still have your baby furniture and items you need. Your older child may be able to pass clothing down. You may be able to save on items they can share, such as baby wipes. You may be out of the workforce a shorter amount of time, which is a huge amount of money you won’t miss.

5 Adult Life Will Return Quicker

Here’s the deal. Life with a baby is very sweet. You may want to space that out and have two completely separate experiences and that’s okay. But there is also something to be said for getting back to enjoying adult life. There are things you can do with older children that you cannot with babies.

6 It May Be Best for Your Health

Only your doctor can answer this question. If you are advancing into your mid to late 30s or beyond, it is generally best to have your babies sooner rather than later. Waiting does not always mean there will be problems, but it can raise the risk. Talking to your doctor to get their opinion is the best way to find out about this point.

7 Your Kids Can Grow up Together

Siblings can be close no matter how far apart they are, but they do miss growing up together if they are very far apart. They may not have as many shared memories. Not waiting too long before having another baby will make sure they are very much a part of one another’s lives. They will grow up together and have special memories of doing so.

What are your thoughts? How far apart would you like your children to be? Share your thoughts.

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