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Are you desperately searching for ways to deal with the working mom blues? It is easy to get down when you are working mom. You feel like you are burning the candle at both ends and still coming up short. These are some ways to deal with the working mom blues.

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Remind Yourself Why You’re Working

Remembering why you're working can give you a quick boost in ways to deal with the working mom blues. You're working so that you can give your child things they want and need. You are working for your child. You're doing this because you want to be a good mom. The first thing to do is kick the guilt to the curb because being a working mom is the best decision for your family.


Be Present in the Moment

It can be very difficult to be present in the moment with your child when you are trying to stay caught up at home and work. But doing so can help you to deal with the working mom blues. Taking just a few moments to be present with your child can help you feel so much happier. Look into their beautiful eyes and listen to them tell you whatever they are trying to share. You’ll feel happier for those few moments you made it a point to be present.


Treasure the Time You do Have Together

It is important to treasure the time you do have with your children when you are a working mom. Rather than focusing on all the time that you are missing, focus on what you have. Even if you are just out running errands, you can enjoy that time. Make the most of it. Squeeze in a stop for milkshakes or another treat.


Plan Fun Times

Like you can squeeze one more thing into your day, right? I know but you really won’t regret it. Plan times just for fun with your child. Yes, you probably will be a little more behind on your to-do list because of this, but those chores will always be there. Your time with your child at each age is only a small window of time.


Be Friends with Other Working Moms

When you are a working mom, you need other working mom friends. They are the only ones that truly get what you are going through. It is good to have working mom friends to vent to when things get rough. They can also offer you some tips that make their life run more smoothly in balancing work and home life. Working mom friends are irreplaceable.


Build a Strong Support System

You have to have a support system when you are a working mom. Otherwise, your world will fall apart when your child gets a tummy ache. Start by thinking who you have in your family and friends circle that would be willing to help you out. You may also have to branch out to other acquaintances, if your family and friends don’t offer you any help. It can be difficult to find people to be your support system but it’s worth the effort. Knowing you have someone to count on keeps those working mom blues away.


Don’t Forget to Take Time for You

Here’s the deal, moms. You need to take time for yourself, even if you are already away from your child to work. In order to be the best mom you can be, you need to have some time for fun. Schedule yourself a pedicure or go out for a night with the girls. This can certainly help with a case of working mom blues.

Do you deal with working mom blues? What do you do when they hit you? Share your stories here.

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I wish this had been posted a year ago when I went back to finish cosmetology school after having my son. Someone once said to me, it hurts, but do it now when they don't notice you are gone, once they are crying because they miss you, you will break into a million pieces. No one has ever said anything more true to me.

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