7 Tips for Making Baby's First Christmas Special ...


7 Tips for Making Baby's First Christmas Special ...
7 Tips for Making Baby's First Christmas Special ...

Tips for baby’s first Christmas aren’t just for the first baby born into your family! Every baby’s first Christmas is special, and there are fun things you’ll want to make sure you do with each little one that comes along. Christmastime brings out the kid in all of us, or at least for me it does! If you have a brand new little one this year, here are some tips for baby’s first Christmas that you can take into consideration when trying to decide what fun and special things to do.

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Buy Christmas Pajamas

Of all my tips for baby’s first Christmas, this one is my favorite! It’s a tradition I carry out in my own family! On Christmas Eve, be sure to dress your sweet bundle of joy in some brand new Christmas jammies! That way, on Christmas morning, amongst all the gift opening and hubbub, you’ll be sure to get cute snapshots with Christmas pajamas!


Make a Christmas Ornament

It’s easy to make an ornament that says “Baby’s first Christmas” on it. Just use some glitter paint and draw it on a simple glass ball! If you’re feeling crafty, it would be so sentimental to add baby’s footprint or handprint to the other side! It’s a treasure you can keep forever! Don’t forget to include the year.


Create Mementos for Grandparents

There's no need to spend a bunch of money on gift sets this year for Grandpa and Grandma! Instead, spend your money on special mementos with sentimental value! Grandparents love to be remembered on milestones like baby’s first Christmas! You could order a personalized coffee mug or mouse pad with baby’s picture, or you can break into your arts and crafts repertoire, and make a t-shirt, ornament, coffee cup, or some other item with baby’s handprint!


Get a Special Stocking

You’ll need a stocking that says “ Baby’s First Christmas”! It’s a special keepsake to put back, and you can give it to your future grandbaby one day on his or her first Christmas! Make sure to stuff the stocking with fun toys and little items that your baby will love to pull out.


Don’t Focus on Gifts

On baby’s first Christmas, chances are that he or she won’t remember it! So there’s no need to spend a lot of money on big expensive gifts. It would be more practical to get things that your baby needs instead! You can still wrap them up and let baby open them on Christmas Day. Opening Christmas gifts is half of the fun for little ones!


Start up Special Traditions

Choose some special traditions to start with baby’s first year and carry out every Christmas after that! Some of my favorites are an advent calendar, Christmas stories to read before bed, and baking Christmas cookies together! On baby’s first Christmas these traditions may not be remembered, but start now and you’ll make lots of memories in the years to come!


Take Lots of Pictures

You won’t regret having lots of pictures to look back on! Make sure you take plenty. I regret not taking many pictures on my baby’s first Christmas. I was too caught up with watching all her reactions and forgot to snap many pictures!

Baby’s first Christmas is such a special time! You will want to do everything you can to document it and make sure you allow your little one to take it all in. Remember that your baby will probably get a lot of stimulation from all the colors, lights, sounds, and family members dropping in, so make time for relaxing naps!

What were some things you did to make baby’s first Christmas special if you have other children? Please comment and share below! Thanks for reading!

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