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We may have love-hate relationships with them but admit it, our Moms are wise. That is why we need to listen to them even when their pieces of advice may seem absurd the first time we hear them. Here are some reasons why I listen to my Mom:

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No Hidden Bad Agenda

Mothers only want the best for their children. There is no hidden bad agenda in anything that they do or say. Some would push us to our limits especially when they keep probing about our non-existent love life or that boyfriend of six years whom you broke up with because, spell this, he cheated on you. But remember…they probe and meddle with our lives because they care. A Mother comes without guilt, without remorse and no evil reasons behind her actions except to help make our lives better.


They’ve Been There

So you think your mom never went out on a date? She’s never been kissed? Come on now... Your Mom has gone through each and every trial and challenge you are going through right now and come out all the wiser and stronger for it. I especially listen to my Mom when she gives me tips on how to make my children feel better when they are sick. My next “consultation” is about potty training. I wish my Mom’s magic rubs off on me on this.


They’re Wiser

Upon birth at the hospital, every Mom around the world is given a brand new crystal ball that knows all and sees all. That is why every Mom is three steps ahead of each and every one of her children. There is no escaping from the all-knowing and all-powerful Mom! Of course, we rebel against that and then Mom and Daughter clash. Don’t worry, it’s normal. It happens all the time.


Free Food!

Whenever you get hungry, you can always stop over at “Casa Mama” where the first thing you will hear when you walk through the front door is, “come in, come in, you must be hungry”! When you’re living alone – and fresh from a breakup or a bad day at work – you reminisce the days when you can just go back home and your snacks of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies are waiting for your hungry mouth to devour.


“I Told You so”

Mom’s are the smartest creatures to walk on Planet Earth and because of their crystal ball, she can mostly tell you in advance all of the mistakes you will make. Dating this one special guy? Go ask Mom’s opinion first. Can’t decide what dress to wear at the Prom? You might want to consult Mom.


Mother Instinct is the Best!

Forget Spider Sense, Mom knows everything before it will happen so it’s best to respect her or else… Before you go off and do something silly, think about your Mom with a broom stick and her loud mouth (ha!). Just kidding! Your Mom is a prophet and a seer. She knows the past, the present and the future. She made her mistakes in the past and she is telling you to steer clear from them.


Love Unconditionally

You know that your Mom loves you for all of your faults and successes. Her love to you is pure and perfect just as it was when she changed your diapers, was there for ballet classes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, your High School Prom, college graduation and at your wedding reception.

For all these, thanks Mom!

What’s your special moment with your Mom?

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As a mum to a 20 year old daughter and a 14 year old son, trust me, this article is spot on. Us mums genuinely have our kids best interests at heart.....even though it's not always appreciated at the time!

Hmmm my mom is still part of a colt so even after I had my first born she was unavailable for advise , just as she is now and will always be . She is better then us in her eyes .

Oh God! This made me miss my mom! She passed away too soon! But before she left, she set an amazing example of motherhood for me to draw from as I raise my 4 children. I will never forget!

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