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The Most Rewarding Things about Being a Mother ...

By Cris

There are bad and difficult days when managing a home with screaming toddlers turns a once-patient woman into a green-eyed monster. And then, there are several heart-tugging moments which make you forget the sleepless nights and stressful days... These moments make up some of the most rewarding things about being a Mother:

1 Those Smiles

Those Smiles Your day may have gone all wrong at work because your boss made earth a living hell for you, but when you go home and your children welcome you with warm smiles, you suddenly forget what happened the rest of the day. Your whole world focuses on that very moment when you see your two-year-old flash that oh-so-adorable smile. Maybe, just maybe, you can forgive your boss now. Or... maybe not.

2 One Big Hug

One Big Hug One of the perks of being a mother is getting free hugs every single day, especially when the children are still young and you're still the center of the universe. Things may turn out different once they become teenagers and hormones make them weird and awkward versions of their once-sweet selves, but a mother will always go back to the time when John gave her a hug at 08:00 in the morning when Mom just woke up after a long night of monitoring John's temperature.

3 A Clean Plate

A Clean Plate If you're spending time in the kitchen, chances are you've been spending time googling the net for recipes that your children might love to eat, too. You've been looking for dishes that will make them like to eat vegetables. It's very rewarding to see them finish their food after every meal, knowing that they like what you prepared for them. They don't even have to say 'thank you' (although it is wonderful for them to say those two words, too) because the looks of gratitude are visible in their faces.

4 An Unexpected Kiss

An Unexpected Kiss You wake up in the morning like Sleeping Beauty because you dreamed that some German Shepherd gave you a wet kiss on the lips. You open your eyes and you meet your first dose of morning surprises. Standing beaming right in front of you is your son, who just gave you a kiss to wake you up. He then drags you out of bed and tells you he wants breakfast.

5 The First Time "I Love You" Was Said

The First Time "I Love You" Was Said And it doesn't matter if your daughter really said "I love you" or it was just some unintelligible syllables that she uttered out of nowhere. Either way, you're already convinced that she did say "I love you." You can start tearing up now. Just... priceless! Oh, the things money can't buy...

6 Learning Patience

Learning Patience You didn't think you had it in you, but motherhood has a great way of teaching you to be patient. Really, you will be surprised that you can go through the day without always picking up the toys on the floor because you know that stuff can wait. You can read a book while monitoring your child as she throws a tantrum.

7 Thank You, Mom

Thank You, Mom Often times that's all you need to put a smile in your face. The rewards that you reap from being a mother far outweigh the sacrifices you've made. When your children say "thank you," you know you're the luckiest woman who has ever walked this earth.

How about you? What are the instances that made you feel like you're the luckiest woman in the world?

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