7 Places to Go for Lonely Moms to Make Fellow Mom Friends ...


7 Places to Go for Lonely Moms to Make Fellow Mom Friends  ...
7 Places to Go for Lonely Moms to Make Fellow Mom Friends  ...

When you become a mother, you want fellow mom friends. No one else really gets what you’re going through except a friend going through the same thing at the same time. Your single friends don’t get it and your mom probably raised you with a philosophy that’s outdated. These’re 7 places where you’re guaranteed to make fellow mom friends.

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Childbirth Classes

One of the first places you have an opportunity to make fellow mom friends is at childbirth classes. If you’re expecting, be sure to sign up for one. Not only is it a wonderful way to learn about childbirth and infant care, it’s also a great place to make friends. You’re in the same season of life and have a lot in common. Strike up a conversation with the couples around you and see where it goes.


The Pediatrician

You’re going to feel like you spend a large chunk of your life at the pediatrician’s office as a mom, probably because you actually do. While there, you’re going to encounter countless moms there with their own children. Not everyone you meet is going to be a friend but some may be. Be friendly and see what happens. You could meet your best friend for the next 50 years.


The Park

Your children will love to go to the park and you probably will, too. They play happily and you get 20 minutes of peace. Other moms are going to have the same idea. At times, other moms will join you on the bench and chat. It may go nowhere and it may go into the beginning of a friendship.


PTA Meetings

When your children begin school, you’ll have many opportunities to get involved, one of them being the PTA. The PTA is an organization of parents and sometimes grandparents that work together for the good of the students and the school. You’re sure to get to know lots of parents with children the same age as yours. Some you’ll hit it off with and some you won’t. But hang in there because you’re sure to find moms with similar values and views that’ll make amazing friends.


Your Children’s Activities

Most of our children get involved in various activities as they grow up. You’re going to meet countless other moms along the way. Some of my dearest mom friends are ones I met when my children were in activities. You’ve got an hour or two to do nothing but chat with moms around you. Friendships happen naturally here.


Story Hour

Many moms take their toddlers to story hour at the local library. It’s a fun activity they can enjoy as they start learning to interact with other children. And it’s a nice outing for moms too, especially when you know they’ll be ready for a nap when you get home. ☺ But while you’re at story hour, there’re going to be other moms to whisper with while the story is being read. You could end up finding a good friend there.


At the Mall

The mall always makes a nice outing for moms. You can shop the latest sale at Gymboree or try some jeans on for yourself. When you’re done with that, let your children enjoy the play place while you sip a latte and chat with other moms. If the conversation seems to be enjoyable for both of you, suggest meeting up again, with or without the kids in tow. Don’t be afraid to take the first step in any of these situations; it could lead to a great friendship with a fellow mom!

These’re some places you could meet fellow moms friends. What’re you looking for in a mom friend? It’s always good to think about the qualities you want in a friendship.

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