How to Make Your Mom-to-be Body Aches Disappear ...


When you're pregnant, your body grows and hormones are released and you may find yourself a barrel of aches and pains. The oohs and ouches only seem to increase as you near your due date. But before you throw in the towel and become a couch potato for the next few months, check out how you can diminish or even eliminate your pain. These simple and effective tips have helped me as a healthy mama of three with a fourth baby on the way, due in July. So check out my tips to help your mom-to-be body aches disappear and feel at your best!

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Stretch out your beautiful growing body as you work away the aches and pains. Simple stretches are effective to lubricate your joints and help you feel at your best. So stretch yourself to a happy, healthy and comfortable body!



Walking is probably the last thing you feel like doing at the moment as your body is growing and the pressure of the baby on the uterus is definitely on. But believe it or not, walking can help you to feel better, better your circulation and even boost your mood. So walk your way to a happier day mama!


Move Some More

Now take the stairs, do some arm circles and move some more. The more you move, the better you will feel. You may even forget you are pregnant because you feel so incredible. I find the more I do in my pregnancy, the better I feel.


Take a Relaxing Bath

Relax in a bath as you soak the aches away. Warm water can wash away the aches and help you feel so much better. Who knew water could help alleviate so much pain? So rest, relax and enjoy a 20-minute warm bath. Just make sure the water is not too hot for your growing bundle of joy!


Heat the Aches

Use a heating pad to isolate the aches, focus on them and help kick these ouches to the curb. If lower back pain is your culprit, use a heating pad you can stick on and wait twenty minutes for the magic warmth to help that pain disappear.


Elevate Your Legs

Elevate your legs by propping them on a pillow or against the wall to help increase your circulation and feel better. Moms-to-be often have aches and pains because their body is growing. As the pressure is on you may find your legs tired so elevate to freshen up and feel better.


Sleep with a Pillow between Your Legs

Sleep with a pillow between your legs to take the stress off your body and sleep like a baby. As you get closer to your due date, you may find sleeping time becomes less and less. So do what you can to take the pain away and sleep as much as you can. Before you know you will have plenty of wake ups with your new bundle of joy.

So follow these tested tips that worked for me with every pregnancy and kick the aches and pains to the curb for good. And congrats mama on your new arrival on the way!

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My body bounced right back right after giving birth. I wasn't fat or sore. Back to my reg size.clothes. I'm blessed and happu

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