All of the Benefits and Blessings of Being Pregnant ...

By Alicia

All of the Benefits and Blessings of Being Pregnant ...

Pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful time in your life and of course the biggest blessing is having a child of your own. There’s nothing that can compare to the sweet baby that’s yours to raise and share a life with. But there’re a lot of fringe benefits of pregnancy to appreciate. It’s true that pregnancy isn’t without challenges but why not enjoy all the benefits you can?

1 You Have a Glow

You Have a Glow Pregnancy gives your skin a glow that no skincare product can replicate. If only we could bottle it, right ladies? It’s a limited time benefit so make the most of it while you can. It’s not completely understood why pregnant women have that luminous loveliness but the suspected answer is that hormone levels are significantly different when you’re pregnant. Whatever the reason, it’s a great benefit.

2 Cleavage

Cleavage If you’ve always been blessed with nice breasts then this one may not mean much to you. But if you’ve been an A or small B cup all of your life and you’ve suddenly got some cleavage action then it can be thrilling. It makes you feel very sexy! And pregnant women should absolutely still feel sexy although they may not always with all the symptoms pregnancy brings. Therefore, cleavage is a big boost in this department.

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3 No Periods for 9 Months

No Periods for 9 Months How could we forget this one? It’s one of the best! I loved saying goodbye to Aunt Flo for 9 months during each of my pregnancies. No cramps or other yucky pain and best of all, no PMS! Of course you can have mood swings and emotional moments from pregnancy but they never seemed quite as strong as the PMS monster to me.

4 Others Are Considerate and Caring toward You

Others Are Considerate and Caring toward You Isn’t it wonderful to see how considerate and caring others are toward you when you’re pregnant? It can kind of restore your faith in humanity. Of course your family and friends are very careful of your needs and physical condition but even strangers will extend kindness to you. You may experience things like having the door held open for you more often or strangers allowing you to go ahead of them in line. There’s just something about a pregnant woman that brings out a caring heart in others.

5 You Have an Easy Excuse for Everything

You Have an Easy Excuse for Everything This benefit is a little humorous but it’s absolutely true. You can get out of almost anything when you’re pregnant. Don’t want to attend a party? You can be too tired or dealing with morning sickness. Can’t handle dinner with your in-laws? Explaining that you have back pain or that your feet are swelling and they’ll understand.

6 Seeing Your Partner in a New Light

Seeing Your Partner in a New Light These last two blessings we’re going to talk about are the ones that’re the most significant. Your relationship with your partner shifts and changes when you’re pregnant. You’re no longer just partners or a married couple; you’re becoming a family. He’s the father of your child and you begin to view him differently as he changes into a Dad. Your relationship will deepen to an even sweeter level than it was before as you bond over the child you share.

7 Growing as a Person

Growing as a Person Pregnancy is a time when you typically contemplate your life a lot. You’re soon going to be passing your values and belief system down to your child and that’s good motivation for evaluating them. It can make you want to become a better person for tiny person inside of you. It’s a season of personal growth that has a beautiful outcome. You’re becoming the best you for your child.

These’re some of the blessings and benefits of pregnancy. Which of them do you love? You’re welcome to share your comments and pregnancy stories here!

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@Wendy ; all is true but the " eating for two part" u r not eating for 2. U shud eat normal and healthy just a tiny more maybe but definitely not for 2. U will have a hard time getting rid of the pounds afterwards and it may lead u to have gestational diabetes which is really really not fun. Talking from experience

They say when your pregnant with a baby boy, you glow! When I was pregnant with my now ten month old son My skin glowed, no vomiting, no cravings. Nothing but feeling a little tired during the day. That's it. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey. Enjoy it all you expecting mommies. You're life is about to change for the better. Remember stay away from alcohol and pot. Eat healthy, exercise and limit the stress in your life. And remember, you are eating for two. Take care😊

I love the tank top the girl has on in the photo, lol. That's cute.

Where are the pictures????



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