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Every woman wants her pregnancy to be healthy, fit and fabulous. There are many things you can do to help that become a reality. Being pregnant is a very special time in your life so of course you want to make the most of it! These are 7 ways to help you do just that.

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Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are important in helping you have a healthy pregnancy. It’s good to start prenatal vitamins before you conceive if you can. If you weren’t already on prenatal vitamins then you’ll want to start taking them as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Your doctor will prescribe them for you or you can purchase them OTC. They give you and your baby vitamins and minerals you need to develop and be healthy.


Eat for Two, but Remember That One of Those Two is Very Tiny

Sometimes we get tripped up when we think about eating for two. I know I did when I was pregnant with my first child. You do need to eat for two, but it’s important to remember that one of those two is very small. You only need an additional 300-500 calories per day when you’re pregnant. Gaining the correct amount of weight can make a huge difference in how you feel.


Exercise 3-6 Times a Week

Exercising during pregnancy can help you feel more energetic. It truly is a key to having a healthy, fit and fabulous pregnancy. However, you definitely want to check with your doctor beforehand to make sure that it’s safe. Walking is a good choice for exercise when you’re pregnant, but there are many options. You can even choose an exercise program specifically for expectant mothers.


Develop a Good Rapport with Your Doctor

You and your doctor are going to be sharing in the process of bringing a baby into the world. It’s important to develop a good rapport with them. You want to feel comfortable sharing your questions and concerns. They should always be willing to answer any questions you have, too. Make sure you choose a doctor you have confidence in as well as one that you feel comfortable with.


Rest when You’re Tired

Fatigue is a common part of pregnancy, especially in the first and last trimesters. You may find that you need to turn in a little earlier at night or have an afternoon nap on occasion. That’s perfectly okay! In fact, you need to rest when you’re feeling tired. It’s important to listen to your body’s signals.


Make Some Preggo Friends

Having some friends who are also pregnant is such a gift. They’re experiencing the same things you are and know exactly how you feel. It’s wonderful to have someone who really gets what you’re going through. You can support each other now and in the early years of parenting. If you’re blessed enough to really hit it off then you may have someone who’ll become a lifelong friend.


Don’t Forget You’re Still a Person

When you find out you’re pregnant, your identity begins to change. You’re no longer just you; you’re now you, the mommy. And that’s a beautiful thing that mothers love! But you don’t want to forget that you’re still a person. It can be a bit of a struggle to remember that, especially after your little one arrives. Don’t forget to do nice things for yourself both now and after your baby’s born. You still need clothing that makes you feel pretty, nights out with the girls and various treats that bring enjoyment to your life.

These are 7 tips to help you have a healthy, fit and fabulous pregnancy. What’s making your pregnancy great? What tips can you share with others?

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I had severe hyperemesis with all three of my kids so it was all about staying off the drip for me. I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancies and did the yoga etc xx

i can't rest when I'm tired i have a two yr old to look after and can't exercise because I'm sick as dog 24/7 😞

I also read if you sleep on your left side it increases blood flow to the heart, which also helps the baby.

I read you should gain 25lbs max-unsure if this applies to twins or multiples, though.

I'm always tired and I tried exercising once and i was miserable for the next 2 weeks...

Every pregnancy is differ it really all depends . But going for simple walks and listening to your body is a good start.

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