7 Stellar Signs You're Going to Be the Most Amazing Mom ...


7 Stellar Signs You're Going to Be the Most Amazing Mom ...
7 Stellar Signs You're Going to Be the Most Amazing Mom ...

Do you ever wonder what kind of mom you’ll be? It’s a normal thing to think about. Most women think about that in their young adult years. After all, it could be part of your life in the next few years or so. These are some signs that you’re going to be an amazing mom!

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You Adore Children

One sign that you’re going to be an amazing mom is that you adore children. You love to be around them and think they’re lovely little people. You may find babies irresistible or find yourself unable to pass up opportunities to play with a toddler. Of course, you're going to love your own children even more. But for now, you can enjoy other people's children.


You’re Unselfish

Motherhood requires that you put someone’s needs ahead of your own. Taking care of yourself is important too, but you have to be willing to put what you want and need on the backburner at times when you’re a mom. If you’re an unselfish person, that’s a sign you’re going to be an amazing mom. If you feel you’ve got a ways to go on this trait, that’s all right. You can always work on it within yourself.


You’re a Patient Person

Mothers need patience. The position of a parent certainly requires it. If you’re already patient then that indicates you’ll be an amazing mom. Like everything else, you can work on this trait if you feel it’s not exactly where it should be. We can all work to become better people and we should!


You’ve Thought about the Type of Mother You Want to Be

Another sign you’re going to be an amazing mom is that you’ve given thought to what type of mom you want to be. You’ve thought about what values are important to you and those you want to pass on to your children. You may have thought about the parenting style you want to have. It’s good to think about these things. They’re serious decisions that need consideration.


You Find Children Entertaining

If you don’t like children or find them the least bit entertaining then you probably aren’t ready to be a mom. Wait until you feel some fondness before taking steps toward being a parent. Finding children entertaining is a good sign. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely ready to be a mom, but it’s part of it. It’s one of the many things to consider about becoming a mother.


You Understand the Magnitude of Responsibility Motherhood Brings

Although you can’t fully understand the weight of responsibility that motherhood brings until you’re a mother, having an inkling of it is a sign you’ll be an amazing mom. Motherhood is a serious thing and takes more responsibility than almost anything else you’ll ever do in life. You’re not only responsible for yourself but for another, tiny human being. Having an understanding of that is important. It’s a sign you realize what parenting requires.


You’re Taking Care of Yourself during Your Pregnancy

Lastly, if you’re pregnant and taking care of yourself then relax. That’s a huge sign you’re going to be an amazing mom. You’re giving your body the attention it needs and that’s awesome. It’s normal to be a little nervous when you’re expecting. Very few mothers-to-be don’t experience that. You’re nervous because you want to be a good mom and that in itself is a big sign that you’re going to be fabulous at it!

These are 7 signs you’re going to be an amazing mom. How many of them do you see in yourself? Your comments are always welcome!

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Good for you Karen and I mean that.

Thank you Kelly! Was getting worried while reading! I'm going to be a first time mom, and I have little nieces and nephews and even though we see them once a week I don't get to interact as much with them, and this article made me think "I'm going to be a horrible mom"... But you're right, just keep trying!

Sorry but this is so wrong it's unreal. I know lots of mums that are not fans of other people's children but are fantastic mums. My pregnancy I couldn't look after myself because I was so ill. What makes a great mum is someone who is willing to try! There is no perfect mum and to be honest if anyone takes any of this to heart you shouldn't. Just know that parenting is the hardest thing you'll ever do but you have to keep trying you have no option. It's unrewarding and relentless. It's not all cute babies it's illness and hospitals and possibly disabilities. It's lack of sleep and begging for some help. You never know the sacrifice and power of motherhood until you are one... And you will never ever be prepared enough for it. I've found the people who are overly enthused by other children the picture perfect ones who seem like they were built for it are the ones who just cannot handle how difficult it truly is. I love my children so much but believe me no one ever tells you the truth about parenting until you are one. You'll be a great mum even if you don't have these traits because you'll try every day you might not get out of your pjs you might be in tears from being so tired but you will still be a great mum don't let anyone tell you otherwise- it's the single hardest thing in the world you will ever do and I don't say that to scare you I say it to prepare but it is worth it.xxx

I think my concern is responsibility, I like the idea of motherhood but I don't think I'll ever be capable to take it on for life cause once you've had that baby, it's yours forever! Hmm... Honestly, I admire all mothers cause it's such a full-time mammoth job raising kids - however, I will always love working in childcare as being surrounded by children makes my day :)

It is all part of life's journey. There is no such thing as a good mother or bad mother because then there will be no children in the world.

well, i know i'll be a better mum than my own.

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood. You can read all the books in the world. At the end of the day it's you and your baby. I have two boys and love kids prior to becoming a mom. At times it can be stressful which is part of life. Wouldn't change them for the world.

No just no

I agree with kelly. I am not a huge fan of babies but I know I am a great mom. My son swears by it. :)

Cato don't feel that way- I am training to be a teacher love other people's children and have the most amount of patience. Sometimes I feel like a terrible mum when on paper I should be the perfect mum- but I'm not not by a long shot. I'm sick of being told I am or should be the perfect mum I get tired I get upset I get stressed. I have one possibly 2 children with disabilities it gets so stressful sometimes that we don't even leave the house that day or TV has to be used to help me out so I can clean or take a shower. Before I had kids I nearly signed a modelling contract now I don't have time to shower while they're awake and you wouldn't even recognise me if you had known me then a work out for me is a quick jillian michaels DVD lol and time to myself is going to tesco for the shopping with no kids. It's tough and I hate the whole of you're this or that then you'll be great. No we all have to work just as hard as each other maybe in different ways but we all have our flaws my need for organisation is a real battle with three kids because everything is chaos nothing goes to plan. Please don't let the mummy Mafia get to you. We are all in it together some just don't realise it xxxx

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