7 Foods NOT to Eat for Women Who Have Bun in the Oven ...


7 Foods NOT to Eat for Women Who Have Bun in the Oven ...
7 Foods NOT to Eat for Women Who Have Bun in the Oven ...

One of the fun parts of pregnancy is indulging in your cravings. After morning sickness passes, food tastes amazing. But there are some foods that aren’t safe for expectant mothers. It’s good to know what you shouldn’t be eating so that you can give your baby the healthiest start possible.

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Undercooked Meats

You may love your steak rare, but pregnancy isn’t the time to order it this way. Undercooked meats aren’t a safe choice when you’re pregnant. Certain bacteria can live in them, which can lead to a dangerous case of food poisoning. Order your meat cooked medium instead. In time, you may even find that you prefer it this way.


Deli Meats

I know, right? You can’t even enjoy a turkey sandwich! But there’s a good reason that deli meats make the list of foods to avoid when you’re pregnant. Listeria can be found in them and that’s something that can cause miscarriage. You can have deli meats if they’re heated through, though. Let the microwave warm them up before you make your sandwich. A plus side to this is that it melts your cheese, too.


Fish with High Levels of Mercury

This one isn’t a surprise. Fish with high levels of mercury have been on the list of foods that pregnant women should be cautious of or avoid for a long time. Not all fish are off limits, though, so if you love your food from the sea, there are still options. Some types of fish you really want to avoid are swordfish, shark and mackerel. If your favorite is on that list then remind yourself that this is only temporary and you can enjoy it again soon.


Unpasteurized Beverages

As tempting as fresh squeezed juice is, it’s best to pass on it for now. Beverages that aren’t pasteurized can pose a risk to your baby. Thankfully, most beverages are pasteurized and say so right on the label. Milk and juices offer you a lot of good vitamins and minerals so you certainly want to drink them. Just double check to make sure they’re pasteurized before you do.


Peanut Butter

This one isn’t a food to avoid across the board. But if you or your baby’s father have allergies then it’s a good idea. There’s some evidence that avoiding peanut butter during pregnancy can prevent your baby from developing a peanut allergy in their life. This is one that you want to discuss with your doctor. They’re the best at determining if a food is or isn’t the right choice for you during pregnancy.


Unwashed Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are a great food choice when you’re pregnant. They’re power foods when it comes to helping your baby have the nutrients it needs to develop and grow. But you don’t want to have either until after you’ve washed them. So resist the urge to sample grapes at the store! Another tidbit to deter you from eating unwashed fruits and veggies: I read that produce is typically handled by 35 pairs of hands before it gets to you.


Raw Cookie Dough

This one may be the most difficult to resist! But raw cookie dough and many other raw dough and batters have uncooked eggs in them, which is dangerous to eat. But you can still enjoy cookie dough or brownie dough ice cream as those types of dough have been formulated without adding raw eggs. They’re completely safe to indulge in. After all, a pregnant girl’s got to get her ice cream fix and what better reason than this one?

These are 7 foods that pregnant women should avoid. Which ones were you aware of? Which ones surprised you?

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Godzilla 99% of sushi contains raw fish... Hence pregnant women being told not to eat it.

Bunkum. Most of these "guidelines" have been proven to be false. For example, fresh squeezed orange juice is unpasteurized, and so is the juice that is in the orange you eat. Same goes for apples, kids. Also, sushi if handled and stored properly is generally safe. Ditto for deli meats. Pineapple doesn't cause miscarriage (just throwing that in there for good measure). And unless the mother has an allergy to nuts, there is no evidence that eating peanut butter actually does any harm.


I know papaya causes miscarriage. Thank u for mentioning Dhara:)

Peanut butter was a newbie for me, I thought it would actually build up the child's tolerance for nuts. Go figure!

Raw eggs are not unsafe to eat for regular people. I'm surprised that they are unsafe for unborn people.

Godzilla.. There's a risk of salmonella in raw eggs. You also can't eat sushi or pâté or liver in pregnancy and if there's a family history of nut allergy then they recommend don't eat peanut butter

Every woman is different...

My friends were pregnant before and after the deli meat ban. Makes you wonder how things all of a sudden are "not good" even though it was before. Heating it up though makes sense. But then no peanut butter? Since they couldn't eat lunch meat, they ate peanut butter sandwiches! And one out it on crackers for a morning snack so she wouldn't get nauseous!

I do t really think anyone should be eating unwashed fruits or veggies, but maybe that's just me.

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