7 Ideas to Celebrate the Arrival of a New Baby ...


7 Ideas to Celebrate the Arrival of a New Baby ...
7 Ideas to Celebrate the Arrival of a New Baby ...

Over the years I've gotten to celebrate the arrival of a new baby numerous times. Since my e-mail inbox always seems to have a birth announcement, I’m always on the lookout for good ways to help welcome a newborn to this world. When trying to determine the right gift or event for this occasion, think of mom’s personality. Here are a few great ideas that will help you celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

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Arrival Shower

Throw an arrival shower for the little bundle of joy. One of the best ideas to celebrate the arrival of a new baby is to have a low-key party to introduce him to friends and family. You don’t really need activities or games like you would at a baby shower, just a few snacks. Guests will be too busy oohing and awwing over the baby anyhow.


Plant a Tree

A beautiful tree in the baby’s honor is a gift that will remain long after he or she has outgrown pacifiers and Pampers. Have a plaque engraved with the baby’s name and date of birth on it then place the plaque beneath the tree. Or paint this vital information on a large stone instead. The entire family will enjoy watching the tiny seedling turning into a full grown tree as the baby grows up.


Personalize a Birthday Cake

When my friend had her baby we surprised her and the baby with a birth-day cake. This is a good choice if there are younger siblings as they can help you make the cake. Little hands will be eager to decorate the cake with kid-friendly candy, such as gum-drops or gummy bears. This personalized cake will bring a smile to mom and dad’s faces as their little ones welcome the new addition to the family.


Personal Messages

Maybe the new mom has pretty much everything she could ever possibly need for a baby. If this is the case, an awesome gift choice is a card in a decorative frame. Have friends and family write welcoming messages and blessings to the little one. As he gets older, he will love when mom and dad read him those special messages.


Jewelry for Mom

Jewelry is another great choice that a mom will treasure. Give her a locket with two little footprints engraved in the front along with the date of the baby. Or a heart-shaped necklace with the baby’s birthstone in the center. She would also love a charm bracelet that has charms with sentimental meaning to her. There are numerous pieces of jewelry available, but always consider the mother’s tastes as you select a piece.


Baby Jewelry

Jewelry isn't just for moms as baby can also have a little bling. Recently I went shopping for baby jewelry for my niece and there were so many adorable choices available, I couldn't decide. You might want to give a little pearl bracelet with a heart attached to it if the baby is a girl. If it’s a boy, opt for a bracelet made of tiny blocks that spell out the child’s name. Make siblings feel included by giving them a necklace or bracelet that says "big brother" or "big sister" on it.


Parenting Scrapbook

When one of my closest friends became a mother for the first time, I gave her a parenting tips scrapbook. I enlisted the help of family and friends that had children and told them to write their best parenting tips in it. There are a million helpful tips that parents have learned along the way that they wish they would've known. The recipient can go through the scrapbook and learn from their valuable advice on those long sleepless nights when her baby feels he is a night owl.

Hopefully this list has inspired ideas that can help you celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Ladies, do you have other ideas you would like to share?

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Lisa D 'Awesome suggestions!, really!', 'I took a few for myself!'--Thank-you!'

Loving some of these ideas!

I am 35 and my very first Christmas tree still stands in front of my dad's house. I plan on getting a balled tree this year for my LO's first Christmas and plant it as well. Great tradition!

'Awesome suggestions!, really!', 'I took a few for myself!'--Thank-you!'

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