7 Must Have Baby Products from Johnson Johnson ...

By Pinky

7 Must Have Baby Products from Johnson  Johnson ...

As a parent you always want the best for your bundle of joy, and for me personally, there are several must have baby products from Johnson & Johnson I can't do without. This particular brand offers a wide variety of great products for every stage of your baby's life. Here are my top 7 must have baby products from Johnson & Johnson. Let's see which of these you've been using, too!

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JOHNSON'S BEDTIME BATH This is definitely my number one of all the must have baby products from Johnson & Johnson! This product can be used during any time of day and can definitely help ease your little one to bed with its natural calming aromas! Used just like any soap, just lather and rinse. The soothing aroma will make anyone ready for bed, not just your baby.


DESITIN Nobody likes those darn diaper rashes, especially your little one! Desitin is a great product that comes in two different strengths: rapid relief and maximum strength. This magical cream has zinc oxide which can help provide a barrier for your baby's bottom. Zinc oxide is known to block out moisture which is the leading culprit of diaper rashes. This cream glides on smoothly and wipes off easily. It's a must have product!


JOHNSON'S NURSING PADS If you're breastfeeding, the Johnson's nursing pads are a very useful product! They're super absorbent, comfortable, and very discrete. They have this soft, cushiony lining that helps you feel and look your best while breastfeeding! No more uncomfortable pads that leak or cut into your breasts - give these a go!


JOHNSON'S BABY LOTION Of course it's important to keep baby's skin healthy and hydrated. One of the best lotions is in that glamorous pink bottle! It's gentle, mild and hypoallergenic, so it's safe for our little babies. It's also fast absorbing, which helps baby's skin feeling soft, smooth and NOT greasy! Woo hoo! It also smells divine - I've been known to use it myself!


JOHNSON'S BABY POWDER CALMING LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE I'm a huge fan of lavender and chamomile and love using these fragrances on my kids. Baby powder is used to keep skin soft, smooth and dry! This particular product not only carries a great scent, but it absorbs all that extra moisture, and soothes skin. It's a win-win situation!


JOHNSON'S BEDTIME LOTION Another one of my must have favorites is the bedtime lotion! It works great after the bedtime bath product. With the same essential ingredients in Johnson's regular lotion, this gem has that natural calm essence and great aroma that helps babies ease to bed.


DESITIN MULTI-PURPOSE OINTMENT This special ointment is enriched with vitamins A&D which can immediately provide relief to minor skin irritations, chapped skin, and small cuts and burns... and even rash discomfort! It's a well rounded ointment, great to use on all ages and it serves so many purposes.

These are my personal favorite products by Johnson & Johnson. Although they may have a plethora of amazing products, these are the ones I've used and loved! Do you have any particular favorite product? Is there a product you've tried that you didn't like? Let me know in the comments below!

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All true

In india it is worst and most use product.

Actually you shouldn't use powder it irritates lungs I'm am emergency room nurse

Was this post sponsored by Johnson & Johnson? Pretty sure there are other brands making the same products that are just as good, probably for a fraction of the price!

Except they test on animals.

I was advised by many mothers to stay away from Johnson and Johnson.

My pediatrician told me not to use jnj products as they are hatmfil

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