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7 Wonderful Aspects of Being an Aunt ...

By Alison

There are so many wonderful aspects of being an aunt! You get all the fun, but none of the many responsibilities that come with parenthood. I'm so happy to be an aunt. Here are just some of the wonderful aspects of being an aunt that will make you want to encourage your siblings to start producing offspring …

1 All Fun

One of the most wonderful aspects of being an aunt is that it's all enjoyment. You don't have any of the burdens of parenthood, which can be very hard work. Instead you can just enjoy being with your nieces and nephews. They will think that being with Auntie is fun; their parents will seem boring in comparison! Aunties really do get the best deal.

2 Spoiling

When your nieces and nephews start arriving you'll enjoy spoiling them with gifts and days out. It's lovely seeing how excited they get at Christmas and on their birthday. You'll be reminded of how much you looked forward to holidays when you were their age, and enjoy picking out gifts for them. Plus you can play with the toys yourself!

3 Young Again

Playing with your brother or sister's children gives you the chance to act like a child again. Why should kids have all the fun? You can take them on rides, bounce on the trampoline or play games with them. Plus you can read them the stories you loved when you were young. Going back to your childhood is not only fun, but it's also healthy to relax and let go for a while.

4 Playtime

Another great aspect of being an auntie is that you get to enjoy playtime again. Playing games with kids is good for your physical and mental health. We all need to let go sometimes, and playtime with kids is the perfect excuse. Run around in the park, play a board game or invent a game with the kids. Or get the paints out. You don't have to produce a masterpiece - kids don't worry about how good their work is.

5 Babysitting

As an auntie, if you live nearby you will get plenty of opportunities to babysit your nieces and nephews. This is so much fun! You can spend the evening watching movies with them, playing games and enjoying lots of cuddles. Their parents will also appreciate having the chance to go out!

6 Practice

If you want to have your own kids one day, being an aunt is great practice. Or if you're not certain, it gives you a glimpse of how much commitment is involved. Kids are really hard work when you have to take care of them every single day. So if you are exhausted after a few hours or don't like having to deal with so many demands, then maybe you're not ready for parenthood.

7 Days out

Finally, as an aunt you get to take the kids to lots of fun places, from museums to theme parks. You don't have to worry about looking odd sneaking into a children's movie by yourself - the kids will be only too happy to take Auntie to the movies!

Finding out that you're going to be an aunt for the first time is amazing - and the more nieces and nephews you get, the better! I have had so much fun being an aunt. So enjoy every minute of it. What is your favorite bit of being an aunt (or uncle)?

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