7 Great Mommy Blogs to Help You with Your Journey as a Mom ...


I am really excited to share some great mommy blogs with you. We moms can always use some help along the way, right? This is a diverse collection of great mommy blogs. I hope that there is something in the list that is just what you need.

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Obviously Marvelous

Obviously Marvelous is one of the great mommy blogs that is fabulous for the moms that are looking for a little inspiration and a push in the right direction. What is unique about this site is that the author is always striving to reach new personal goals and doing it publicly. You get to come along for her journey. You may even be inspired to take on some challenges of your own. She also does some helpful product reviews.


My Name's Not Mommy

My Name's Not Mommy is a humorous look into the adventures of a stay at home mom. This is a blog you can count on to give you your daily dose of humor. The author is a mother of three children under the age of five, so she definitely knows what it is like to be in the trenches of motherhood. She knows how hard it is and offers you some support and company along the way. You will appreciate her authenticity and the honesty she writes with.


Make It or Fix It Yourself

Make It or Fix It Yourself is a great blog for the moms that want to dabble in crafting, cooking and projects in the home. She is one motivated mom. There are a lot of great ideas on her site that you can use for your own projects. From fashion to gardening to sewing, there isn’t much she won’t tackle. She will definitely give you the cure for those days you are at home wondering what you should do.


Get Your Pretty on

Get Your Pretty On is a really neat blog. It is written by Alison Lumbatis. She is a mom who launched her blog on the idea that moms don’t have to wear yoga pants constantly. She has lots of tips to keep you looking nice but not overdressed for all the things moms have to do. Her tips are very budget conscious, too.


Happy Being Healthy

Happy Being Healthy is a blog that is great for moms who are interested in pointing their families in the right direction in regards to health and fitness. She gives you tons of ideas on how to feed your family healthy food that they will actually eat. That is something most moms are always on the lookout for. She is such a fitness girl that you can’t help but be inspired to work out. Additionally, her site is laid out in a very organized manner you will appreciate.


Mommin' It up

Mommin' It Up is a really fun blog. It is kind of a hodge-podge of different things you can enjoy and appreciate that will apply to topics you are interested in as a mom. This blog can be an encouragement to mothers with children with developmental delays, as this is something Jenny has went through in her own motherhood journey. There are also fun giveaways from time to time. It is a blog by two cousins who are both moms, Jenny Rapson and Emily Berry.


Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom is the blog for moms that are on the lookout for savings and tips on being thrifty. This blogger is queen when it comes to this subject. She has so many helpful hints and tips that you will not know where to start. There is a wealth of information on this site about savings. This is a resource you do not want to miss.

These are 7 great blogs to help you along your journey as a mom. What are some of your favorite mommy blogs? Please share the ones you love!

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