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If you, too, have discovered that the echo of your mother's voice is coming out of your own mouth, it's a great time to have a good laugh at several hilariously silly things all mothers complain about. I've learned in my almost twenty-one years of motherhood that I complain about some of these myself. So, grab a latte and let's have a great time reviewing seven hilariously silly things all mothers complain about.

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Accidents do Happen

Among the funniest things, all mothers complain about is the notion that you must have on clean underwear if you're ever in an accident. That mothers all over dwell on the unsavory thought that a paramedic may reflect on their parenting skills if your underwear isn't clean is simply hilarious, yet it's a common complaint all over the board. I don't know about you, but if I'm ever the deer caught in the headlights as a semi-truck is approaching my car, the last thing I know I will have on is clean underwear.


Why Aren't You Married?

In today's society, it really isn't such a big deal as to whether you are married or not. However, mothers everywhere become concerned when their daughters aren't married by thirty. But seriously, as much as daughters hear all the complaints about how their dads never clean up after themselves or how some are just looking for a new mama instead of a wife, it doesn't make young women want to run out and find a husband.


I'll Never Be a Grandmother!

Have you noticed how moms suddenly get grandmother fever when you hit your thirties? I remember those days for some of my friends. The exclamation of “I'll never be a grandmother!” came from their mothers frequently. I learned, however, a really funny practical joke that slows these moms down a little. For moms that are so ready for a grandchild, there is the RealCare baby. Trust me—these dolls are a real eye opener.


Can I Ever Go to the Bathroom Alone?

Have you found it difficult to take a trip to the bathroom, alone? Me, too! This is by far my biggest complaint. However, in my case, it's not just kids who follow me to the bathroom. It's cats, children, and everyone. Apparently, no one has a problem or needs answers until your hindquarters hit the toilet seat. My oldest cat Yoda can even open the door. There's nothing like becoming committed to the porcelain throne and having your cat give you the “You're not serious, are you?” look.


Maid Service

I remember when I was about nine, my mother threatened to park a dumpster under my bedroom window if I didn't clean my room. Today, I have OCD. I've found myself mimicking my mom's complaints. My own spin has always been, “I'm your mother, not your maid!” Whether it's your kids, husband, or significant other, don't be their maid. Stand up for yourself, silly!


Disobedient Clone

I remember my mom used to tell me when I was little that when I grew up, I would have a child exactly like me. I must admit I was pretty hard to take when I was little. What I find hilarious is that my daughter is exactly like me, attitude and all. Thanks, Mom, I love that kid!


I'm so Tired

As a mother, I can testify to this common complaint. There's a reason for that death stare every morning as mothers everywhere stagger to the coffee pot. Thank God for timers! I've been told several times, “Girl, what you need is a long, hot bath.” Some days, I consider this but then the image of the news headline flashes in my head, “Wetumpka Woman Drowns in Bathtub,” and I think no, girl, what you need is sleep.

Although the complaints continue, you still love your mom, and she loves you. And it's funny when you realize that you complain about the same silly things when you, too, become a mom. What are some really funny things that your mom complains about?

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the toilet complain is defo said once or twice a week by my mother hahah that made me laugh out loud

Mothers have a lot to put with

Got a kick out of these, makes me miss her so much. She passed young at 53. Thank you for this post :)

my mum never complains about any of that...

It's not silly. Its simply very,very very annoying.

miss my mom thank you for this post

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