7 Ways to Deal with Missing Your Baby's Milestones ...


Missing your baby’s milestones is never easy. No parent wants to be away from their baby the first time they do something new. But the truth is that sometimes it does happen. Because of this, it is best to find some ways to deal with missing your baby’s milestones.

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Accept It Will Happen

It is best to accept that missing your baby’s milestones is probably going to happen. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom who rarely leaves her baby it can happen. It isn’t something pleasant to think about but it is true that most parents will miss at least one milestone. Realizing that it’s a fact of life as a parent helps minimize how it feels when this occurs. Once you accept that, it is easier to move past it.


Remember They Are Still New to You

One thing to remember is that your baby’s milestone is new to you. Even if they started waving bye-bye when Grandma babysit or in daycare, it is still a new thing to you when you see it. In a way, knowing they reached a milestone you haven’t seen yet can enhance the anticipation of it. You can be excited for when you do see it.


Have Them Recorded

If possible, ask your babysitter to record any milestones that happen in your absence. Of course sometimes this isn’t possible. But in this day and age of advanced technology, the ability to video any milestones is usually within arm’s reach. A lot of this will depend on how quickly your sitter can react so be sure to give them grace when they only catch the tail end of the milestone. But sometimes you just might get lucky.


Ask Your Sitter to Follow This Rule

Don’t want to miss your baby’s milestones? Don’t. You can choose to not miss a single milestone by asking your sitter to not tell you about any that your baby reached in your absence. This way, when you see them for the first time you get all the surprise and enjoyment of watching them do it for the first time. It is a solution many parents choose to go with.


Celebrate Them Anyways

If baby took his first steps when Aunt Sally was keeping him company, don’t let that dull your excitement. Celebrate them anyways. Enjoy your baby’s milestone. Don’t focus on the fact that you weren’t there to see it the first time it occurred, celebrate that it happened. Focus on how wonderful it is that your baby is developing beautifully.


Remind Yourself Why You Are Missing Them

Sometimes you should remind yourself why you are missing your baby’s milestones. If you miss them because you are working, remind yourself that you are doing so to give your baby what they need. If you miss them because you are out with friends or your partner, remind yourself you are taking care of yourself so you can be the best mom you can be for your baby. It isn’t ever easy to miss them but remembering why you are can help. It helps you remember that you are being the best mom you can be.


Realize No Matter What, You’re Still Mom

It is good to think about the fact that no matter what, you are still mom. Even if someone else sees a milestone before you do, it doesn’t change the fact that you are your baby’s mother. There is a bond between you that cannot be broken. This is true no matter how many milestones you miss. You are a very important person in your child’s life.

It is hard to miss your baby’s milestones but these are things you can do to deal. Have you ever missed a milestone? Share your stories here.

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