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7 Signs You Will Be a Great Mom ...

By Alicia

Are there signs you will be a great mom? This article can give you a few hints. These are some traits that are signs you will be a great mom. The more of these signs that you have, the further you are on your way to being a great mom. Although I must add that when you have your own child, there are elements of motherhood that do just come naturally.

1 You Enjoy Children

Enjoying children is one of the big signs you will be a great mom. It is hard to be a good mother if you cannot stand to be around kids. Admittedly, you do have a love for your own that you don’t have for other children but it helps to have a natural fondness for children. If you deeply dislike kids, it is probably wise to wait to become a mother. You don’t want to have a child if you don’t think you will enjoy motherhood.

2 You Receive Compliments on How Good You Are with Kids

Getting compliments on how good you are with children is a big deal. Other people are noticing that you seem in your element with them. You aren’t fazed by them and you take all of their antics in your stride. If you are good with children, chances are higher that you will be good with your own. Others have confidence in your abilities with children and that says something.

3 You’ve Had Experience with Children

If you have never been around children or babies, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a great mom. It may be a little more difficult for you to know what to do but you can certainly do it. Having experience with children helps. You can gain experience with children in many different ways. It could be by working with them as a teacher or day care worker or just spending time with nieces and nephews.

4 You Are Settled

Being settled is a point in favor of you being a great mom. Children thrive best in a settled environment. Being settled means that you believe in stability and it is something you have or are working toward. You aren’t going from one volatile relationship to the next. You have a good environment to bring a child into.

5 You’re Responsible

You absolutely need to be responsible to be a great mom. Your child is going to need a parent that is responsible and puts them first. Your child has to be your number one priority. Sometimes that means that you have to do things that aren’t that fun for you, like staying home with a sick child instead of going dancing with all of your girlfriends. Being responsible is a big part of being a great mom.

6 You’re Patient

As much as you may love your children, they can and will find ways to test your patience. That is an absolute. Being a person with an unpleasant personality is not going to be helpful here. Children require large doses of patience and love. This does not mean that you will allow your child to run over you, but that you are patient in the normal settings where a child needs that from you.

7 You Know How to Set Boundaries

Balancing out patience is that you need to know how to set boundaries. Children need boundaries. This is something that helps them feel safe. They know what they can and cannot expect with boundaries. It provides a stable atmosphere for them to grow in.

These are some signs you will be a great mom. How do you stack up? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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