7 Ways to Breastfeed Discreetly in Public ...


Do you need to know some ways to breastfeed discreetly? Most mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies don't want to be stared at, even though breastfeeding is a perfectly natural thing and a legal right. They also may not want anyone else to feel uncomfortable. But it is possible to feed your baby without others seeing. Here are some ways to breastfeed discreetly …

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Turn Your Back

One of the easiest ways to breastfeed discreetly is to turn so that you're facing away from other people. This is easier if you can turn the chair around so that it's facing the wall. If you're facing away from them, chances are that people won't even notice what you're doing. Obviously in places like cafés you should opt for a table at the side of the room, rather than right in the center!



Some breastfeeding moms find that layering works well to allow them to feed their baby discreetly. A loose shirt or cardigan over another top will shield your breast without being too uncomfortable. This may not be the best method in hot weather, but should work well at other times.


Nursing Tops

You can also get special nursing tops like this one at everydaymaternity.com. They're designed so that you don't have to lift up your entire top, which makes it pretty obvious what you're doing. Instead, the top has a double layer so that you only have to lift up the top part.


Breastfeeding Butterfly

If you don't like nursing tops, you could try the Breastfeeding Butterfly (like this one at johnlewis.com). It's basically a large sling that will completely hide your baby and breast. You can also find patterns to make your own Butterfly (here's one - blisstree.com).



If your baby doesn't object to being covered, a blanket, shawl or muslin can be used as a cover-up. They're easy to carry and arrange quickly over your baby when you need to feed him or her. Use a light cloth or muslin in warmer weather, or a towel when you're at the beach.



If you're worried about how much you'll be showing, try practicing in front of a mirror. This will show you how much of your breast can actually be seen, and you can try different ways of concealing it. You could also ask your partner to help you see which method is the best way of discreetly covering up.


Just do It

Sometimes people don't actually notice that you're breastfeeding if you just get on with it; fussing about and trying not to be noticed can have the opposite effect! I once sat opposite a woman on the train, and only realised after some time that she was breastfeeding. She was totally calm and matter-of-fact, and therefore completely discreet.

You shouldn't be put off breastfeeding in public by what other people think. It's what breasts are intended for, and your rights to breastfeed in public are protected by law. Plus babies don't always give you the chance to go somewhere private! But some people can be embarrassed, so discretion will be appreciated. And if someone does see you, don't be put off by any negative comments. Have you ever had any problems or nasty comments when breastfeeding in public?

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Thanks for the posting. I do believe women should be covered so other are not uncomfortable.

Interesting. ! Tho I don't have babies so why am I reading this ? lol

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