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Are you thinking of buying a baby carrier for your little one? One of the items that can be very useful for mom's is a baby carrier. It provides hands-free support while allowing baby to snuggle up close to mom. There are tons of fantastic carriers available to choose from so there's bound to be one that fits your style and budget! Keep reading for some things to consider before buying a baby carrier and committing to using it.

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Baby's Hips

The most important factor to consider when buying a baby carrier is how an infant will actually be carried in it. You might think that all carriers are basically the same thing, however there is a certain way a baby needs to sit for the health of their hips! If an infant is improperly fashioned, it can lead to hip dysplasia (a permanent deforming of the hip socket) or dislocation. Baby's hips should be supported while they fall naturally to the sides (picture frog legs where the hips and knees are bent). Skip the carriers where baby's legs fall straight down, which is unhealthy and opposite to natural fetal positioning.


Reviews by Other Moms

One option to consider is how other moms have liked certain carriers. I like to read reviews before making any big purchases and if the general consensus is that it's a well-loved item, it's probably a good purchase! Search online for baby carriers and make sure to check out the review section so you have an idea of what you're getting.


Child's Age

Just like car seats, swings, strollers and other baby carrying devices, there is a minimum and maximum age and/or weight limit. Are you wanting to use your carrier from early infancy and on? I've found that once a baby hits a certain age, it's more difficult to carry them on your body for long periods of time. Whatever your preference, make sure you know the age and weight requirements for the carrier you select.



Now that I am close to delivering my second child, I am re-thinking all these items that a baby needs. I blindly picked up a wrap-style carrier with my first baby and quickly found out that it was nearly impossible to tie it myself and when I did have help, it was either too tight or too loose. It definitely wasn't a practical purchase for me, however a wrap may be perfect for someone else! Make sure you get something that is easy for you to use and is practical for day-to-day use.


Style Preference

With so many options available, it makes it easy to decide what styles you do and don't like. There are bulkier, more structured carriers as well as sleek and more feminine styles. They also come in array of colors and patterns. Keep in mind that dad might be using the carrier as well and if that's the case, you'll want something that both of you would be comfortable wearing!



Cost is something always worth considering. Babies are expensive considering all the things they need including nursery essentials, safety items, and hospital bills. Carriers vary in price and just because one happens to be less expensive than another, it doesn't mean it's lacking in quality. Find one that's inexpensive AND has good reviews and you're set!



Lastly, don't forget that you're the one who's going to be carrying the baby so it should feel comfortable as possible while you wear it! If it has straps, they shouldn't dig into your shoulders. It should have enough back support so you don't end up with an injury. And, it should be easy enough to access baby without a huge hassle!

Hopefully these tips were helpful while you decide what carrier is best! Do you have any recommendations for carriers that worked well for you? Share them with us!

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