6 Tips on Picking out the Proper Baby Stroller...


6 Tips on Picking out the Proper Baby Stroller...
6 Tips on Picking out the Proper Baby Stroller...

We're so happy to have Amy Brownback on our Parent blog to talk about more safety tips for your child. Today she is here to share with us how to find the proper baby stroller. There are so many cute characters, accessories, and designs of a stroller, but the most important issue should be safety when choosing the right stroller for your children, no matter how big or small they are. Here are Six Tips on Picking out the Proper Baby Stroller....
What to Look for in a Baby Stroller...
"Amy Brown is the editor of Livesnet.com, a site providing helpful baby gear reviews and tips on problems parents encounter in daily life. She’s definitely willing to share her tips if you want to have the top gears such as a top rated stroller for your little treasures."

Taking a newborn out for a stroll in the park serves several purposes. It gets the baby into the fresh air; it gets mom a little much needed exercise; and it gives the new mom a chance to show off both the baby and her great stroller. Nothing can spoil this experience except for a stroller that does not handle well, or is poorly constructed. Getting the proper stroller for your specific needs is easy if you simply take a little time to determine exactly what you want, and investigate the different strollers on the market to find the one that most closely fulfills your requirements.

Give priority to safety. While the stroller’s looks are somewhat important, the most crucial characteristic is how well it provides for your child’s safety. There are strollers with three-point harnesses that are satisfactory for occasional use, but the most secure and therefore safest harnesses available are the five-point type.
Investigate before you buy. The internet is an excellent source. Make sure that the stroller you select is the appropriate size for the baby’s age, height, and weight. Most quality manufacturers have website that display all of their strollers along with specifications for weight, size, and compliance with safety requirements.
Never purchase a stroller without taking it for a test drive, outside if possible, but in the store as a minimum. Test it with the baby in it, where possible. Make sure that you can handle the stroller’s size and weight. Some strollers have handles that can be adjusted for height. This is great for use by parents of significantly different heights. Make sure that the stroller has a tight turning radius. You don’t want to have to move forward and backward several times to make a tight turn. Check out the stroller’s braking system. Set the brake and try to push the stroller. You may be able to drag the stroller, but the wheels should not turn; not even a little.
Measure the stroller’s length, width, and height in both the collapsed and the operational configuration. Make sure you can store it in an out-of-the-way place in your home, and that it will fit into your car when you take it on a trip.
Avoid strollers with a lot of plastic parts, especially the wheels. Metal parts offer a longer useful life. If the stroller is collapsible, make sure that any scissor joints have adequate separation so that your or the baby’s fingers don’t get jammed. Many stroller manufacturers offer optional features such as drink holders, umbrellas, rain hoods, and storage pouches. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Unneeded features simply add weight and cost to the stroller, and often make it unwieldy to maneuver.
Considering the cost involved and the importance of the quality of the stroller to the baby’s safety, the time spent in investigating and testing strollers is a prudent investment. You wouldn’t purchase an automobile that wasn’t appropriate and safe for your family, and you shouldn’t purchase a stroller that is not appropriate and safe for your child.

If you have any opinion or problem about this article or stroller, please contact Amy by email at Amy@livesnet.com, or you can find her on Facebook: facebook.com. She is always ready to serve you.

Thank you Amy for stopping by All Women Stalkand sharing these great baby stroller tips with our stalkers. Readers, have you used tips like these to look for the proper baby stroller?

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