8 Best Exercises for Pregnant Women ...


Exercises for pregnant women — now that sounds like fun, right? Most of us think that during pregnancy, a woman ought to take it easy, but that’s not true! It’s important for mama and for baby that mama stays fit throughout her 40 weeks. Why? Well, a fitter mama can expect a quicker post-partum recovery, and she’ll have more energy, too! Yay! But how to stay fit while expecting… I can help! Here are my picks for the 8 best exercises for pregnant women — I did these all while I was pregnant with my two daughters, and I can tell you, they helped!

1. Yoga

Yoga is good for anyone’s body, literally — elderly people, children, football players, ballerinas, and yes, even expectant mothers. It’s calming. It’s an excellent stress reliever. It improves balance and focus and flexibility. It’s low-impact. But it’s still a marvelous exercise. Perfect!

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