10 Facts on Breast Feeding ...


10 Facts on Breast Feeding ...
10 Facts on Breast Feeding ...

Breast feeding is excellent for both mom and baby, but unfortunately not all women are able to supply breast milk for their newborns. Here are 10 facts on breast feeding, just to give you some general information on just how great it is. Feel free to add your own facts you’ve found out or share your opinion on breast feeding in general.

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Breast Feeding Doesn’t Get in the Way of Introducing New Foods

Breast milk is complete, but there will eventually be a time when the baby needs to start eating more solid foods. There’s no reason to stop breast feeding during this time. Mom can continue to supply breast milk as well as solids that are appropriate for the age of the child.


It Helps Mother and Baby Bond

It isn’t to say that a baby doesn’t bond well with his mother when she uses a bottle instead of breast feeding. This is by no means the case. However, the closeness seems to be much more soothing for both mom and baby, thus creating a relaxing moment to simply enjoy one another’s company.


It’s Cheaper than Buying Formula

Breast milk doesn’t have to be purchased, which saves the family of a newborn quite a lot of money. When offered a choice between something free and something that isn’t, wouldn’t you be more inclined to take the free item if you were able to? I know I would!


Breast Feeding Helps Moms Lose Weight Quicker

Moms who breast feed burn up to 600 more calories a day than moms who don’t, which is a lot of calories. It takes nearly 2 hours of rigorous exercise to use up 600 calories for most people. Imagine being able to burn the same amount of calories by enjoying a leisurely time with baby instead?


Moms Who Breast Feed Lower Their Risk of Breast Cancer

Study after study has been conducted about the correlation between breast feeding and a reduced rate of breast cancer among women. Even though breast feeding only lowers a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer by 4 percent, this small percentage is better than nothing.


Allergies Aren’t as Common in Breast Fed Babies

Babies receive not only the tools to fight off contagious infections, but also the ability to build up immunity to certain allergies.


Breast Milk Doesn’t Have to Be Prepared

Breastfeeding enables mothers to feed their infant anywhere and at any time. She doesn’t have to try to hold a fussy baby and mix a bottle of formula at the same time. This makes feeding time a lot less stressful on both mother and baby.


There’s Less Chance a Breast Fed Baby Will Grow up to Spend a Lot of Time in an Orthodontist’s Chair

Not only does breast milk contain necessary nutrients for making healthy teeth, but the physical act of nursing helps to align the babies jawbones and make them stronger.


It Provides Babies with All the Nutrients Needed

There’s no need to worry about a breast fed baby lacking any vitamins or minerals. Breast milk is complete all on its own. Mother’s also know exactly where their baby’s food came from, so she doesn’t have to worry about her child receiving any tainted formula. Whatever the mother eats, the baby will consume as well.


Breast Fed Babies Are Healthier from the Start

They have fewer health problems than babies who start off on formula. There are less cases of respiratory illness, ear infections, and other contagious diseases among babies who are breast fed.

If you’ve recently had a baby or expecting soon, I hope you are able to breast feed your baby for even a few months. As long as your baby can receive even some of the excellent antibodies provided in breast milk, he will be so much healthier than if he didn’t get them. Had you already heard of all the 10 facts on breast feeding that are listed above?

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