7 Most Popular Pregnancy Myths ...


7 Most Popular Pregnancy Myths ...
7 Most Popular Pregnancy Myths ...

Some pregnancy myths shouldn’t be busted. After all, the one that suggests that ones who fail to comply with pregnant woman’s wishes will get a sty in the eye does sound kind of cool. LOL! However, when you are expecting a baby, you don’t need any old wives’ stories to add stress to that already stressed out mind and body of yours. So just relax and have fun reading this post about 7 most popular myths and explanations about why you shouldn’t let them affect your mood, actions and decisions.

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Gender Predicaments Based on the Way You “carry”

Carrying high means you’ll have a boy while carrying low clearly means you’ll give birth to a little princess. These predicaments sure are fun but that’s pretty much all there is to them. Doctors agree that there is no way to determine the baby’s gender by merely observing shape of mom’s belly, so don’t start painting the room blue just because an experienced-looking woman has predicted a baby boy.


Gender Predicaments Based on Your Food Cravings

If you crave for sweets, pickles or whatnot, you must be deficient in some of the nutrients found in those types of food. Beep! False! Want some more? Well, in case you crave for salty food, you’ll have a baby boy and vice versa – cravings that involve sweets indicate you’re “housing” a baby girl. Beep, beep! False! Your cravings have nothing to do with your diet or the baby’s gender, they are just cravings.


Mom’s Actions Can Cause the Umbilical Cord to Tangle

“You shouldn’t sleep on your back or raise your hands above your head as this will cause the umbilical cord to tangle around the baby.” Come on, that’s a nonsense. What are you supposed to do? Spend nine months being as active as an exhibit at Madam Tussauds? Relax and stop worrying about this because it’s not so much about what you do but how active your baby is. Babies are the one that move, jump, twist and turn and, in some cases, these activities tangle the umbilical cord.


You Should Eat for Two

Actually, you shouldn’t! In fact, I would even suggest seeing a nutritionist and getting a special “diet” made for you. You and you baby will need a lot of vitamins, proteins and all those “good” stuff but that doesn’t mean you should turn into a little starving termite. Allowing yourself to gain a lot of that baby-weight is not healthy because you might have a problem losing it after the baby is born.


If You Mom Has Had an Easy Delivery, so Shall You

I know this may come as a disappointment but easy delivery is not a hereditary factor. Will you have to suffer hours of labor? Will you even be able to give birth without a Caesarian cut? It all depends on your body type, baby’s position and a whole bunch of other factors that have nothing to do with the fact that your mom couldn’t give birth to you or your siblings without the C-section.


You Shouldn’t Use a Computer While You’re Pregnant

The only problem you may experience if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer is back pain. It has nothing to do with your baby but it may be difficult for you, given the fact that your poor back is already being “abused” enough. You’re already using a TV, a cell phone, microwave oven and a whole bunch of other appliances, so why would your computer be any more dangerous? In fact, if your habit of using a computer is so dangerous, how did you even manage to get pregnant in the first place? Relax! Even doctors agree that this is a myth.


You Can’t Get Pregnant While You’re Still Breastfeeding

A woman can get pregnant again even before getting her first after-pregnancy period so don’t rely on breastfeeding or any other questionable methods but chose your most preferred way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong I do love babies and all but, being a first-time parent is really hard. Your baby will make you lose sleep and, if you are pregnant with another child, dealing with all those new and unexpected problems may turn out to be more than you can handle. Breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive method only up to one and a half months after the baby is born, so, if you have no plans of having another baby so soon, I’d suggest going back to whatever you and your husband were using prior to deciding to have a child.

What are your favorite pregnancy myths? How about the one that say that a baby will have a birthmark in the shape of the food mom has been craving for! LOL! What if a mom craves for a bucket of KFC’s chicken wings? I’d love to see that birthmark!

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Somebody says that if u vommit a lot during pregnancy u must probably have a baby girl is that true.....

Haha I've actually heard (and experienced) the opposite about gender predictions! You carry low when you're having a boy, high for a girl. You crave sweets with a boy and salty stuff for a girl! Myself and others who have been pregnant have experienced these "predictions".

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