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Pregnancy is a strange thing in itself, in the way it can completely alter a woman's body. Physical and emotional changes can be subtle or off the wall, depending on the woman going through the pregnancy. Here are 7 weird pregnancy facts I came across. I hope you find them entertaining and informative at the same time.

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The Uterus Stretches up to 500 Times Its Normal Size

It isn’t only your attributes on the outside that are expanding and changing in appearance. I knew that the uterus expanded a considerable amount during pregnancy, but I had no clue that it stretched to size that was 500 times larger!


Your Feet Can Expand a Whole Shoe Size

My mom went from a size 9 shoe to a size 10 after her second pregnancy, so I heard about this oddity first hand. Hopefully you don’t have a stellar shoe collection that you’ll never be able to wear again. I couldn’t find any stats on how many women actually increase by a whole shoe size. I remained exactly the same during my pregnancy, so I didn’t have to fret about buying new shoes.


Eating Fish Can Give Your Baby a Mental Head Start

Fish is great for improving brain development, even in a fetus. A study showed that out of 7,000 mothers, the babies of the women who ate fish scored higher in verbal skills than the babies born to mothers who didn’t eat fish. Now that’s real brain food!


After Only 10 Weeks in the Womb, Your Baby Will Favor One Hand over the Other

It’s amazing that in just 10 weeks your baby will already have a preference as to whether he favors his right or left hand. I’m not sure how a study was done to figure this little fact out, but it’s interesting nonetheless.


Tuesday is a Popular Day for Childbirth

For some reason, more babies are born on a Tuesday than on any other day in the week. I’d heard about different months being more common for an abundance of babies to be born in, but never a certain time of the week as well. Most of the kids in my family were either born on Monday or on Thursday, so I guess we don’t fall into this category.


Less than 10 Percent of Babies Are Actually Born on Their Due Date

The majority of the babies born today emerge into the world within a couple of weeks of their actual due date. About 50 percent of the rest of the babies are born within a week of their actual due date and the rest of that group is either very late or very early.


Cravings Are Caused by a Lack of Minerals

If you are lacking certain minerals during your pregnancy, your body will crave certain foods that contain these necessary minerals. Besides trying to obtain an adequate amount of minerals, the body is also trying to accumulate more serotonin with induces a sense of comfort.

I always enjoy hearing about different cravings women have when they are pregnant. There sure are some weird combinations of food consumed! Do you have anything you'd like to add to this list of 7 weird pregnancy facts?

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