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Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but then, a lot of people know that, right? How a tiny, microscopic egg cell and sperm cell meet, and in time, grow to form a beautiful baby you'll call your own. But what about all the other parts of pregnancy? What about the not-so-fun stuff? How much do you know? I've found 7 pregnancy facts you should know, but might not! Come on!

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All That Weight Gained Isn't Fat

Don't feel bad! Believe it or not, a lot of your weight gain is stuff that has nothing to do with your eating habits! Extra blood for baby amounts to 3 pounds, your womb weighs about 2 pounds, and placenta weighs about 1.5 pounds. ON top of that, you've got 2 pounds of amniotic fluid, 4 pounds of water, 2 pounds of extra breast tissue and milk ducts, and let's not forget that 7 pound baby! Only about 7 pounds that you gain in pregnancy is actually fatty tissue, so don't worry!


The "Glow" Thing is Real

When people say "Girl, you're glowing" when you're pregnant, there is a truth to that. This is caused by the excess blood in your system. You blood actually increases 50% to make a baby! Plus, since your oil glands are working a little more, you're more likely to have a slightly shiny look as well.


Men Can Experience a "Sympathetic Pregnancy"

I say, every man should experience this! But unfortunately for some of us, the daddy-to-be is never affected by the pregnancy part of having a kid. For some men, though, they actually experience bloating, weight gain, indigestion, nausea, morning sickness weird cravings and mood swings, just like a pregnant woman does! How cool is that? Not so much for the dad, but for his pregnant wife, I'm sure she's enjoying it immensely!


There May Be a Reason You Crave Pickles

Some scientists have said that the reason so many pregnant women crave pickles while pregnant is not in the pickle itself, but rather it's preservatives. Vinegar is said to help your body naturally break down calcium so that your body can absorb it easier. And it's a known fact that women who are pregnant need more calcium in their diet for the sake of their baby. So, maybe it's your body's natural way to make sure you get lots of calcium where it needs to go in yours and your baby's body! Another reason could be that your body is deficient in salt, and is getting the needed salt out of the pickles you're eating.


Eating Fish May Be Beneficial While Pregnant

One recent study of 7000 women showed that eating fish while pregnant can boost your baby's brain development and give him or her better communication skills. This study was conducted on women who ate fish once a week, versus women who had little to no fish at all during pregnancy. Their babies, at 15 months old, were tested and showed that mother's with fish in their diet had babies with higher verbal skills scores than the babies of the mothers who had no fish during pregnancy. Just be careful, some fish isn't so good for you while you're pregnant.


Hot Months Are Popular

It seems that the hot months of July, August and September happen to be the most popular months for giving birth, as more babies are born in these months than any other. I wonder why? Could it be that maybe Mommy and Daddy had a little too much fun snuggling and cuddling when it was cold the winter before? I think so!


Woman Can Go All Nine Months without Knowing

TLC has made a popular television serious featuring women who give birth to babies they never even knew they were pregnant with. However, this happens a lot more frequently than some would think. In fact, studies in Germany and Ireland alone have showed us that at least 1 in every 600 births happen to women who never knew they were pregnant! For me, I find this insane! I can't begin to see how it would be possible for a women to go 9 months, and never suspect she's pregnant or even feel the baby move! However, apparently it's quite possible. Who knows? The next one could be you!

I don't know about you, but I love being pregnant, even with all the sickness I experience! To me, it's worth it to see that tiny face gazing up at you nine months later! What do you think? Which fact did you not know? Which one did you find most intriguing in 7 pregnancy facts you should know? Please share! I love hearing from my readers!

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