7 Milestones of Pregnancy ...


7 Milestones of Pregnancy ...
7 Milestones of Pregnancy ...

Pregnancy is such an incredible time in a woman's life! There are so many memorable moments, but the 7 milestones of pregnancy listed in this article are the most important, most remembered of all milestones, in my opinion. Read on and find out which ones I mean!

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Pregnancy Test

This is most obvious, I guess, but if you've ever been pregnant, you know the feeling! It's almost laughable how you can get so excited about seeing two lines on a stick you just peed on! (For some, I'm sure this is interpreted through crying and depression, as well!) Those two little lines showing up are very small marks that indicate your life is about to change drastically for the rest of your life!


Seeing Your First Ultrasound

Sure, baby is small, hardly developed, even. He looks like a tadpole or a peanut, an alien, perhaps. But to a mother, it's instant love and adoration as you get to see your baby for the very first time! You see his heartbeat, his little head and the makings of the tiny body that will live in you for the next nine months and in your life forever! You'll carry those ultrasound printouts around and show everyone, even if they couldn't care less about seeing them! To you, it's the greatest thing in the world!


Hearing the Heartbeat

Next comes the moment when you can finally hear your baby's heart beating with a Doppler at your doctor's appointment. It's a special moment, as your doctor moves the Doppler around and finally picks up on that faint "thump-thump-thump" that signals your baby is just fine! This will become a regular part of your doctor visits, but there is nothing like the first time!


Second Trimester, Baby!

For most women, it's a joyous occasion when they can say goodbye to the first trimester and all the morning sickness and "blahs" that go along with it. Many say the second trimester can also be called the "honeymoon trimester" because you feel more like yourself and are able to once again be intimate with your partner without feeling sick or feeling to tired and fat like you do in the third trimester. If you're lucky enough to say goodbye to morning sickness, unlike me, take advantage of it and have fun!


Second Ultrasound

Other than a few exceptions, most people I know have had their second ultrasound around 20 weeks. This is the ultrasound when you can see much more detail in your baby, and, if you're lucky and the baby cooperates, you get to find out the gender of your baby as well! It's always nice to finally put all the speculations as to whether it's a boy or girl to rest and finally settle on a name for your precious baby!


Feeling Baby!

For first time mothers, you will usually feel the baby in between 18 and 22 weeks. Second time mothers may feel it much sooner. I was lucky enough to feel my second baby (I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant) for the first time at 12 weeks! They say you can feel it sooner because mothers who have already experienced all of it once, know what they're feeling, and can tell the difference between baby and muscle spasms. As to an actual kick, I felt my first one the other day. Feeling your baby move inside you is the greatest milestone in your pregnancy! The feeling it gives you is nearly impossible to fully describe! But I'll try using this one word - amazing!



Sure, it's a bit painful. Certainly, it's a long and tiring process. However, that being said, in the end, when you're holding that precious newborn in your arms, you'll find it was worth every second to see your baby! That baby you've carried for around 40 entire weeks in your womb is now in your arms, staring into your face. They know who you are from the time they're born, and it makes you feel so special when they'll cry and cry, and once they're placed in your arms, they suddenly become calm and perfectly relaxed, knowing they're in the arms of "Mommy!" It's a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life, I'll promise you that!

That is the 7 milestones of pregnancy I tend to think are the most memorable. I do hope you agree! I would love to hear your stories of experiencing these milestones during pregnancy! Please comment and share your story! May your life be blessed!

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