7 Baby Products You Don't Need to Buy ...


7 Baby Products You Don't Need to Buy ...
7 Baby Products You Don't Need to Buy ...

Just because you are having a baby, this doesn’t mean you need to run out and by everything other mother’s tell you to. Sure there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos that might make life easier or that seem like they could be fun, but are they really necessary? Chances are, the answer to this question is ‘no’. Here are 7 baby products you don’t need to buy.

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Baby Shoes

Last I saw, babies tend to lie around quite a bit. Since they don’t get up and run around the house until after quite some time has passed, I don’t see any reason to purchase a pair of shoes for those fat little feet. I know I can barely stand wearing shoes and I’ve always been one for running around barefoot whenever possible. Kiss those fat baby feet and enjoy them while they are smooth and sweat-free.


A Warmer for Wipees

If you live in a cold climate, then you might think you truly need a gadget that will warm up baby wipes. Holding a wipee in your hand for a moment will take the chill off, if you are truly worried about your baby’s well-being. I don’t think chilly wipes harmed my son at all. He seems to have turned out into a fine young man, despite the multitude of cold wipes he experienced during his first couple of years of life.


Bath Towels with Hoods

I think these have become more of a novelty item for parents than a practical one for babies. Hooded bath towels are designed to resemble frogs, ducks, kittens, and puppies that seem to be swallowing a baby whole. I can understand that the hood feature of this towel is supposed to be to keep the air from passing across your tiny babe’s wet head, thus making him chilly. However, babies are tiny enough that they easily fit into a standard-size bath towel with plenty of material left over to cover their wee heads.


Fancy Diaper Bags

What happened to the days of tossing a box of wipes, a few diapers, and an extra bottle into a simple bag with a single pocket? I’ve seen diaper bags that did everything but convert into a changing table with legs and drawers. For all I know, there could actually be such a thing by now! If you have small things – toys, pacifier, extra socks, etc – then get a small zippered bag you have lying around and put these items in it. There’s no need to shell out the big bucks for a fancy diaper bag with oodles of pockets.


A Stroller with a Sunroof

It might come in handy to get a stroller with a built-in sunroof if you are worried about what your baby might be doing inside the stroller. If you’re extremely concerned about your baby’s well being, then simply flip the handle on the stroller so the baby is facing you. Most strollers come with this feature nowadays. You could also put back the canopy or take time to stop and peek around the edge to check on your child. The sunroof feature does add on extra dough to the cost of an already pricey piece of equipment.


The Diaper Genie

Just what every parent needs; a trash can that wraps up a dirty diaper like a small gift. The newer Genies hold up to 30 of these little ‘gifts’. I find it just as easy to line a trash can with a plastic garbage bag and empty my trash on a regular basis. I think this item must have been created by a weak-stomached father who hated changing smelly diapers, due to his sensitive gag reflex.


Movies Geared towards Babies

Babies can’t even see details for at least the first couple of months, let alone try to pay attention to what is going on on a television screen. Talk to your baby and interact with him instead of putting him in front of a TV in the first place. If you have kids of your own already, then you know how fast they time goes by and how precious every moment is that you get to spend with your kids.

There are always going to be products geared towards new parents that cause them to think they really and truly need these items. More than these 7 baby products you don’t need to buy exist on today’s market. Have you recently come across any other items that could easily go onto this same list?

Top Photo Credit: Ashlee Butanis

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