8 Great Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms ...


8 Great Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms ...
8 Great Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms ...

Although I don't yet have any kids myself, I have so much respect for mothers – especially stay-at-home moms. You guys have the equivalent of two full time jobs – more than that, if you also work from home. I think it's a shame when people fail to realize that. In fact, some stay-at-home mothers don't equate what they do as the hard job that it really is. It's always important to remember how hard you work, and these great tips for stay-at-home moms can really help.

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Take Time for You

You absolutely have to take time for yourself if you stay at home with the kids, especially if you're working at the same time. Remember, nine-to-fivers get to take all kinds of breaks, plus their day is done when they get off work – yours isn't. Take some time for yourself throughout the day, in the evening when you spouse or partner gets home, and/or on the weekends. You have to reconnect with yourself.


Take Time with Your Partner

You also need to spend time with your spouse or partner. These kinds of tips for stay-at-home moms can help keep their relationships on good terms. Doing this might entail making sure your partner understands that you are working hard, so it's important for the two of you to take time for one another.


Start Your Own Business

For those stay-at-home moms who don't currently work at home, you can give it a try. If you're just looking for something new to do, it's easier than you might think to start your own business. These days, you can even begin writing a blog and turn it into a business, so it doesn't take a lot of time away from your home life, but at the same time, you can engage your mind.


Stay Chill

Although I'm not a stay-at-home mom, I am the stay-at-home partner in my relationship – and it gets stressful. Sometimes you do feel taken advantage of or taken for granted, and if keeping the house and my small family in running order is hard work, I can only imagine what it's like when there are children in the mix. You have to stay sane, stay calm, stay cool – whatever it takes. Here's a great tip for stay-at-home moms, though: a sense of humor definitely helps.


Stay Real

This one is going to be short but sweet. However, it is enormously important, so read it twice. What I mean by staying real is simply this: you do work; you do have a job; you now have all the skills necessary to run a Fortune 500 company. Staying at home like this is no joke. Know how valuable you are.


Ask for Advice

If you're having problems, don't be afraid to ask other stay-at-home moms for advice. In fact, you should – and you should offer it as well. This can help you in a number of ways, from getting tips to being able to vent to someone who completely understands and empathizes with what you are going through.


Go out

You can't stay cooped up all the time. Whether you go out with your partner, your friends, or by yourself, you do have to make time to get out of the house. Many tips for stay-at-home moms include this information, but I have an addendum: that means going somewhere besides the store, the doctor's office, the dentist, the pharmacy, and so on. Go somewhere that you like!


Remember It's a Job

Oh, that's right. I'm saying it again, because it's important. You are doing a job. You are doing an incredibly hard job, one that not everyone can commit themselves to, whether they're a man or a woman. Applaud yourself and know your worth, because it's better than gold.

Like say, there are lots of great tips for stay-at-home moms. I can only go so far, since I am not yet a mother myself. For those of you who are, however, what other tips and pieces of advice do you have to offer?

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