10 Ways to Get Ready for Your Baby's Arrival ...


10 Ways to Get Ready for Your Baby's Arrival ...
10 Ways to Get Ready for Your Baby's Arrival ...

Can we ever really be ready for our baby's arrival, we can plan, pack, and buy the right things, but it never really hits us until that exact moment when it's time to go! Some new parents get so nervous and so worried that they aren't ready in any sense and Amy from Livesnetis back with us today to help our readers learn 10 Ways to Get Ready for Your Baby's Arrival and hopefully new parents will become less nervous and more relaxed with these helpful tips...
Being Prepared for Baby's Arrival...
Amy Brown, a stay-at-home mom, gave up her own career to take care of her two babies and her husband. Now she is an editor of Livesnet, a site offering baby gear reviews and tips on problems parents encounter in daily life. She's surely willing to share her own experience and tips.

When you know that you're pregnant, you must be quite excited and it's an exciting time for the entire family. All you have to do is to wait until the baby is born and bring the little darling home. Right? Wrong! There is much that you have to do to prepare for both the blessed event and the baby's arrival at home.

1. Understanding the Birth Process

If this is your first child, you'd be wise to join a class that explains the entire process and prepares you to actively participate in the delivery. You'll be taught breathing techniques and other techniques for minimizing pain, as well as being familiarized with the various types of medical equipment that you may see in the delivery room.

2. Discuss Childbirth and Child Care with Experienced Mothers

The childbirth experience is different for each mother. For some, it's a difficult and tedious labor; others find it to be fast and simple. It's good to hear women tell of their experiences regardless of where, within that range, their delivery experience falls. Listen with an open mind. Listen attentively, but filter out the excesses. When I was pregant with my first child, I talked with some experienced mothers. They told me that I needed to prepare some baby supplies early. So when I found out the Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat was at a discount I didn't hesitate to buy it and I saved much money.

3. Line up a Pediatrician

Of course your new baby will be happy and healthy, but he or she will still need regular visits to the doctor's for routine checkups. It takes time and a little research to select a doctor that you and your family can be comfortable with. Start your search early. Enlist the help of friends and family for recommendations and testimonies.

4. Get Dad Onboard and on the Record

Discuss both the social aspects and practical considerations involved with the arrival of a new family member. Both parents must be on the same page to ensure a happily bonded family. Discuss what religious ceremonies will be involved; agree upon a name; decide, if it's a boy, whether or not to circumcise him and other issues. All this decisions should be made before the baby arrives, to ensure a smooth transition in lifestyle.

5. Get Older Siblings Onboard

Initially, the novelty of a new baby in the home will be exciting for all of the older siblings. Eventually, however, the newness will give way to feelings of rejection when the baby requires too much of mom's time, even anger when familiar family routines change. It's never too early to discuss the potential changes with the children. It's important that they accept the newborn into the family, but it's equally important that they feel that they are an important component to the baby's care and upbringing.
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6. Crowd Control at Delivery

Recent changes in attitudes about childbirth have resulted in some childbirths being attended by entire families, both in the delivery room and the waiting room. It's up to you and your husband to set the limits as to who will be received where and when.

7. Have Your Bag Packed and Ready to Go

Babies don't arrive on an exact schedule, but when they're ready to arrive-they arrive! It's not a good idea to think about packing a bag when your water breaks. Get all of your hospital necessities ready and packed at least two weeks before your predicted delivery date. Let hubby know where it is, and how important it is that he doesn't forget it in the rush to the car for the trip to the hospital.

8. Stockpile Baby Supplies

You're going to need two types of supplies: one time purchases such as a crib, a car seat, and a changing table, and repeat-buy consumable items such as diapers, formula, bottles, and other such items. Have all of these things ready for the baby's arrival. Do buy enough so that you can sail through the first month at home with the baby without worrying about running out of these daily necessities.

9. Welcome All Help

The first few months after the newborn comes home can be quite stressful on the mother. Any extra help from family and friends should be encouraged.

10. When the Moment Arrives

If you took one of the pre-birth classes, you'll already have a handle on what to do when the moment comes. If you did not take such a class, make sure that you have your obstetrician explain what you should expect and how you should react when baby decides to join the family. What we're striving for is a memorable family event.

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