7 Secrets of Motherhood ...


7 Secrets of Motherhood ...
7 Secrets of Motherhood ...

Parenting is a scary thing, I know. It's full of questions, of insecurities, and it costs you some money! But on the flip side, parenting is an awesome gift from God. When they place that tiny bundle in your arms for the first time, it's a feeling that can't be described, and love at first sight. Want to know a few secrets as you begin this incredible journey?

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You Don't Have to Be Perfect

Never, ever are you expected to be perfect in your parenting skills. Kids are very forgiving, which is a lesson we adults should take into consideration! Don't stress over perfection, but rather relax in knowing that even when you mess up a bit, you will still be loved and accepted by your precious child.


Babies Aren't Made of Glass

I grew up the eldest of seven children, 18 grandchildren on one side and 12 on the other, so you can imagine my time spent handling babies! One thing I find amusing is to watch new parents, carrying their baby as if he will break if they move him a little. Sure, you need to be careful so as not to drop him, but it's ok to ease up there a bit. Carry your baby like you would a baby doll you don't want to drop in the mud puddle. LOL! That's all you need.


Too Much Bathing Isn't Good

One thing I've learned since I had my own little one is that too much clean on a baby is more damaging that helpful. One article I read online said that too much washing can dry a baby's skin. All an infant needs is a full bath once a week to start with, and maybe a washcloth here and there between. Think about it - they're doing nothing to get dirty. Now, you might need to throw in an extra bath if poo goes up the back, but that's all. As they get older and start playing more, slowly increase the baths. I done this with my son, and he never once had issues with dry skin.


Noise Won't Hurt Them

Another thing I find amusing is the mothers who expect perfect silence for their sleeping baby. In reality, this is doing more harm than good. Babies will adapt to whatever environment they are put it. To ensure your baby will sleep through the concert your hubby has been planning on taking you to, it's best to condition them to be able to sleep in noise.


Baby Crying Will Affect You

Not only physically, if you're breastfeeding, but emotionally too. You body naturally responds to a baby's cries by releasing milk, therefore causing major leakage if you're not careful! But, there's more. There is something so compelling about a baby's cry. It even makes women who aren't the baby's mother want to take baby in their arms and console it. And for Mommy, it's 100 times worse! It's incredible how much your heart will hurt for your little one when you know they're in pain! Be warned!


You're Going to Go Crazy

Sorry, I can't hide that part. There are going to be moments when you feel you just can't do this anymore. There will be days you'll be so stressed, you'll welcome your mother in law taking baby for a few hours. There will be tears. You will get moody, cranky, and extremely tired. Sound depressing? Well, really, it's not. Because at the end of the day, when you tuck that little one into bed, you will forget all about all the stress, and will be once again lost in the love of that little one. Trust me!


They Are Watching You

Even as an infant, your child is paying close attention to you. The way you live will influence the way he'll one day live his life. At the early age of 1, my son's life mirrored my own. Some of it was scary! What kind of human will you create by your influence? You have the wonderful opportunity to create a person that may have the power to change the world!

Motherhood is full of ups and downs, but let me tell you, the ups far outweigh the downs! It's so worth it being a mom! Don't you think?

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Gonna share this! The going crazy part especially resonating with me today. Mother in law is taking bub for a few hours but that's ok too you need to have a break sometimes! The noise thing too someone once told me they vacuumed under their kids cots, wish I had done that!

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