7 Things Parents Should Know ...


7 Things Parents Should Know ...
7 Things Parents Should Know ...

There are many things that a parent should know. Parenting does not come with a guide book. Sure, you can find “Parenting for Dummies,” but a simple book is not going to prepare you for the journey you have ahead of you. Let me give you my list of 7 things parents should know …

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How to Say No when Other Parents Say Yes

Yes, Roger’s father may be letting his son go to that party, but that does not mean that you have to let your own son go to that party. Every parent should know how to say no, even when other parents say yes. This does not make you a bad parent. Sure, the child may be furious with you, but trust me, when they grow up, they will understand that you did it all out of love.


How to Listen First

Every parents should learn how to listen to their child/teen first. Sure, when the first wrong thing pops out of their mouth, you may want to cut in and give your opinion. However, the child/teen will be more likely to listen to your side of the story if you listen to them first. Plus, they will be more likely to come back to you for advice.


You Need to Admit Your Mistakes

As a parent, you are a role model. Therefore, it is important that you admit your mistakes. Show your child/teen that even adults make mistakes. Don’t try to hide behind those mistakes or make excuses – just come out and admit them. I believe this is definitely one of those things parents should know.


Those Little Things

As a parent, you should know that those little things will go a long way. Leave a note for your child telling them to have a good day, put fresh flowers in their bedroom and tell them “good morning” every morning. As parents, we cannot forget to leave those little things out, because those little things are usually the things that mean the most to everyone.


Learn How to Get a Babysitter

You should not hire the first babysitter you come across. Sure, she may look sweet and she may have a sweet voice, but that does not mean that she really is sweet when you are not home. Every parent should know how to do research on their babysitter.


You Can’t Spoil a Child with Love

Honestly, there is no such thing as spoiling a child with love. Spending time with your child, holding them a lot (as a baby) and doing all that good stuff with them is certainly not going to spoil them.


Where the Children Are

Every parent should know where their children are, at all times. They should also know who their children are with. If the child is using the Internet, then they should know what they are doing on the Internet – the Internet is not a safe place for kids to roam around alone.

There you have 7 things parents should know. Parents should also know how to check the neighbourhood watch list in their area and know where the registered predators are living. Parents should also know not to let their child walk home alone from school or anywhere else. So, as a parent, what do you know today that you did not know yesterday?

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